I kept searching for love, kept seeking healing for my heart aches

I wondered if my life was more than a list of all my mistakes

Would someone love me? Would someone see past my imperfection?

Am I even worthy? Am I good enough for God’s redemption?

But God’s love found me, under the layers of dejection that held me in captivity

He gave no cares to my past, to the things I thought made up my identity!

In stead,  he lifted me from the slump and gave me grace, sufficient grace

As he washed me clean of all my sins without leaving any trace.

Now, every dawn I see is a reminder that God himself chose me,

And the fortress of his embrace is the only place I’m meant to be.

For all along, God Loved me! For me, he decided to patiently wait

And there’s no end to loving me, because His love has no expiration date.

This great love of God that words alone cannot define

Was proved in the life he intentionally gave for mine.

Morolake Edidi


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  1. Ideh

    God bless you!!

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