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24jul(jul 24)10:00 am25(jul 25)7:00 pmPrayer And Missions Conference 2020THEME: ARROWS IN HIS QUIVER

prayer and missions conference 2020

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Parallel Sessions Overview

1. Part-Time Missions

Facilitator: Dr. Francis Kashimawo

In calling us unto Himself, God entrusted us with the ministry of reconciliation; unashamed preaching of the gospel to the unsaved in every way possible, with our lives, words, conduct etc.
While we are all “full-time missionaries”, there are believers who have been called into full-time evangelization; however, there are a lot of us who have been called unto propagating the missions mandate outside the field of full-time evangelism.

This session will:

  • Emphasis the need to use any platforms and opportunity we have in witnessing.
  • Expound to us the equality of our work with the work of full-time field missionaries.
  • Amplify the need to make full proof of our ministry (Witnessing) in these last days.

2. Film Show: A Tool for Global Evangelism

Facilitator: Evang. Damilola Mike-Bamiloye

Christian movies have, in recent time, gained more popularity and more importantly, the effect of these Christian movies in lives of men is worthy of praise as souls have been won to Christ and lives have been transformed.

This session:

  • a. Will emphasize the importance of film show in global evangelism.
  • b. Will spur interest of brethren who have talents and call in this direction.

3. Christian Apologetics

Facilitator: Rev. Gideon Odoma

“But sanctify the Lord God in your hearts: and be ready always to give an answer to every man that asketh you a reason of the hope that is in you, with meekness and fear.” 1Pet. 3:15.

Faith in Christ Jesus – the foundation on which Christianity lies – has been long debated; as knowledge abounds many more questions bothering on the Christian faith has also emerged. This is so prominent in the students’ environ and has been a stumbling block and an avoided area for a lot of believers.

Yet, it remains one tool for evangelization if rightly wielded in sound knowledge and right attitude. More so, scriptures instruct that we are ready to give a defence for this hope that we have in Christ.

Hence, this session seeks to:

  • Bring us into right perspective on matters bothering around the Christian faith and Reasoning.
  • Give a foundational knowledge on what Christian apologetics entail and as a result stir up hunger for godly knowledge and evangelism.
  • Open us up to opportunities for further mentorship and study in this field of learning Christ.

4. Leadership in Health Management

Facilitator: Prof. Greg Erhabor

The problem of leadership is faced by many nations and institutions. Obviously the healthcare sector is also greatly affected especially in developing countries.

The health sector is characterized by constant reforms aimed at the efficient delivery of safe, effective and high quality care. Effective leadership is required to lead and drive changes at all levels to actualize the goals of the health sector.

This session;

  • Will stir us up to take up a deliberate interest in leadership.
  • Seeks to discuss ways through which we can achieve excellent health care management both as students and as doctors.

5. Sustaining Relationships and Associations

Facilitator: Dr. Peter Idagu

Friendships are God’s gift to us. God places people along our paths and they greatly influence the kind of persons we become.

For the Christian Medic, there is a tendency to overlook the importance of our associations.

This session will:

  • Explore the importance of Godly Associations/Relationships.
  • Discuss practical ways to sustain our associations.

6. The Basis of Interpreting Medico-spiritual controversies: Euthanasia, Abortion etc.

Facilitator: Dr. Emmanuel Oduware

The life of a Christian Medic is such as is under the government of Christ; in right perspective, he is more conscious of himself as a Christian than as a Medic, and as such his practice is guided by God’s definition for things – as wrong or right – irrespective of the world’s view.

Certain topics, hovering around morality in medical practice and the Christian stand, have been controversial through the years; such topics are generally referred to as “Medico-spiritual controversies”.

Every believer in the medical practice is entitled to knowing what God’s will is over such matters as well as how such matters can be judged from the scriptures. The latter much more than the former is the emphasis for this discussion. What is/are “The Basis of Interpreting Medico-spiritual Controversies”?

7. Practical ways of Influencing an Ungodly Environment

Facilitator: Dr. Babajide Johnson Semeton

In the world, decadence in godliness is no news. How can we as agents of change exert godly influence in our environment?

This session seeks to:

  • Discuss practical ways of influencing an ungodly environment.
  • Discuss the challenges associated with being a godly influence and how to manage them.

8. Christian Medic in Politics

Facilitator: Dr. Samuel Okpechi

It is said by many that “politics is a dirty game” and Christians are therefore forbidden from venturing into it, how much more Christian medical practitioners who people feel should be busy about their medical practice.

This session:

  • Will discuss what politics really entails.
  • Seeks to give right perspective to the question “should a Christian Doctor venture into politics if he/she desires to?
  • Expound this; “If there are believers who have excelled in politics and have not derailed from the Christian faith, how can intending politicians among us achieve same?”

9. Discipleship

Facilitator: Dr. Obinna Ezeobi

Discipleship is helping people to know, trust and follow Jesus. There is a growing need in the house to ensure that brethren are properly trained (“discipled”).

Believers and Members of the House need to come to an understanding of what discipleship is and its huge importance in ensuring growth, stability and continuity of the vision.

This session will:

  • Address the importance of Discipleship.
  • Enlighten members on how to carry out effective Discipleship.

10. Emotional Intelligence: A Christian’s perspective (Luke 10:27-28)

Facilitator: Dr. Osahon Iyawe

Emotional intelligence is a term used to describe the capacity to be aware of, control and express emotions. The goal of growing wise emotionally is very important for us as Christians and would seem to fit naturally with our need to become Christ-like.

This session will:

  • Emphasise the importance of emotional intelligence to believers.
  • Expatiate on key Components of emotional intelligence.
  • Help us answer the Question; “How to develop emotional intelligence?”

11. Prospects in Modern Medicine

Facilitator: Dr. Ogonna Nwankwo

Medicine as a discipline is a world of possibilities whose opportunities have been pre-consciously limited to the residency path.

This session seek to answer the following important questions in the heart of many students:

  • How limited is medical studies and practice to the residency path?
  • Are there other promising paths for Medical doctors that are not totally dissociated from medical practice?
  • What other prospects are there in Medicine?
  • How can these other paths be plunged into successfully especially in a country like ours, considering they are not so popular paths?

12. Sustaining Commitment to the Vision

Facilitator: Dr. Sunday Andrew Jr.

While in Medical School, it looks relatively easier to be committed to the Vision at certain points. We have seen over the years how commitments of brethren wane as they approach the finishing line.

The Vision is a lifelong call. The question is ‘How can we stay committed to this Vision?’

This session will:

  • Emphasize the importance of personalizing the Vision.
  • Expatiate the various ways to remain committed to the house through Medical school and in preparation for launching into the Doctors’ Arm.

13. Purity in Godly Relationships

Facilitator: Dr. Adewuyi Afesobi

As Christians, God’s word is our manual for life. We submit every part of our lives to him, including our Love (Romantic) Relationships.

The Bible states clearly that “Sex” is ordained by God to happen within the confines of Marriage (Hebrews 13:4). This contradicts the norm seen in the society today but that doesn’t change what God expects from believers.

This session will:

  • Discuss the Stance of the Christian faith on Purity with Biblical references.
  • Attend to how God expects us to have a romantic relationship and still be within the confine of purity.

14. Benefits of Home Practice

Facilitator: Prof. Frank Imarhiagbe

Consequent to the gross decadence in the health sector in our nation, Nigeria, and opportunities opened up for a better quality of life, better medical experiences and job satisfaction, available in practicing outside the nation; there has been a very high rate of emigration of doctors and other health practitioners.

This session seeks to:

  • Encourage and strengthen the choice of medical students and doctors who have decided for home practice.
  • Guide us on the basis for which a Christian doctor or medical student should choose practicing abroad over home practice.

15. Kingdom Influence: Finance

Facilitator: Dr. Ugwu Chukwuebuka

God gives us special resources in order to maximally spread the fragnance of Christ. Finance is a unique gift that can be used in this way, especially as a Christian Medics.

The Session will:

  • Discuss various opportunities that one has to support the work of God especially through Missions.
  • Address the Challenges and “the How” to managing funds as a Christian Medic.


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