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12nov(nov 12)14(nov 14)Event OverStudents Online National Conference 2020Theme: THE SENT - As Sheep amongst Wolves; as Light in the Darkness; In a Soon-ending World. Time has ran out! Better luck next time!

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Students Online National Conference 2020

Parallel Sessions Topics

Day 1

Prospects in Modern Medicine:

Medicine as a discipline is a world of possibilities whose opportunities have been pre-consciously limited to the residency path.

This session seeks to explore other promising paths in medicine that are not totally dissociated from medical practice and how these other paths can be plunged into successfully especially in a country like ours, considering they are not so popular paths.


Gifts and Talents: The Christian Medic’s Extra Oil:

Gift and Talent as well as special skills can be a plus for any individual who puts them to work. God also loves us to use these gifts and talents to show forth His glory however the study of medicine has caused some to forsake theirs. This session seeks to encourage participants not to neglect gift, talents as well as special skills but develop them.

Public Speaking & Effective Communication:

Sound skillful communication cannot be over-emphasized as a need in our daily associations. We are constantly in conversations. On this bedrock lies the art of excellent public speaking which entails presenting an idea or subject matter to an audience in a way that attracts the understanding and interest of the audience.

This session seeks to educate the participants on the need and the “How” to be better communicators, irrespective of the audience size, and expatiate the basic principles of public speaking.

The Place and Practicality of the Miraculous as a Christian Medic:

As believers, we learn of the several possibilities accrued to us in the supernatural. However, only a little, if at all, is seen in practical terms.

For us Medics, there is so much more humongous difficulty situating the place of the miraculous within and outside the four walls of the hospital. This session seeks to show how the Christian Medic can uphold the truth of God’s word on the miraculous through us, believers, amidst the learning exposure to the medical curriculum.

The Missionary and his Challenges:

Missions’ is the heartbeat of the Father. God has restored so many souls back to himself through Missions. This would have only been possible through men and women who had yielded to the call of God on their lives to go into the Missions fields.

Nowadays, so many people have doubts about responding to this call of God due to its prevailing challenges. Some people have used this as an excuse to completely stay off Missions. Even in the midst of these challenges, there are still Missionaries who are active in the Missions field. The Lord of the harvest does not abandon his own. This session seeks to give an overview of the everyday challenges that the Missionary faces on the field and discuss practical ways of overcoming these challenges.

Quiet time: A path to Victorious Christian living:

The call of every believer is to live out the life of Christ. This can only be done by the strengthening of the Holy Spirit. This strength is, however, accessed from the presence of the Lord in fellowship. Quiet time of devotion is becoming “old school” or for only a sect. Again, a more serious difficulty being faced by believers is staying consistent with the daily consecration of fellowship. This session seeks to contextualize the busy schedule of an average medical student (or doctor) in having a consistently fruitful time of fellowship.

Day 2

Time Management for the Medic:

Time management is the process of planning and exercising conscious control of time spent on activities in order to increase productivity. It can be regarded as an essential skill for a fruitful life.

Unfortunately, a number of medical students struggle with the challenge of properly managing their time. This session seeks to give practical steps that can be employed for effective time management.

Effective Mentorship:

Mentorship is a form of relationship in which a more experienced individual helps to guide a less experienced or less knowledgeable person. An effective mentorship is a tool through which the younger generation is well nurtured.

This session seeks to discuss and encourage the need for effective mentorship, it also seeks to explain practical steps for effective mentorship generally and as it pertains to the Christian medic.

Breaking Addictions; A toll amongst the youths:

These days, the Christian youth is faced with several worldly temptations which pose a difficulty to the believer to overcome.  Just to name a few, addictions such as Alcohol, Drug Use, Masturbation, Pornography, Gambling are often seen even within the walls of the Church. We believe that the power of God is able to break completely every addiction. This session seeks to explore God’s perspective about addictions, explore the wonder-working ability of God to break addictions on a scriptural basis, and discuss practical ways through which addictions can be broken off.

Medico-legal issues; Euthanasia:

Medical negligence is the failure, on the part of a medical practitioner to exercise a reasonable degree of skill and care in the management of a patient; such that a doctor treats a patient in a negligent manner, causing harm or worsening the existing health condition, warranting the patient or patient’s relatives to take necessary action (usually a legal action) against the doctor’s negligence, claiming damages for the harm suffered.

For the Christian Medic, Medicolegal issues have become a trending challenge, especially considering varying levels of negligence in medical practice.

It is sometimes difficult to clearly ascertain God’s will for His own, especially because these issues are not aptly stated in the Bible.

We believe that God expects us to hold on to our faith, be competent and do His will, even in the face of these daunting situations.

Upholding Godly Principles in Private Practice:

Private practice has become very common in the Health Sector due to its seeming benefits for the medic. With its ups and downs comes a temptation for the Christian Medic to compromise godly values to maximize profit and variably reduce the standard of Healthcare.

As members of CMDA who believe in the vision of providing holistic care, we are expected to be faithful witnesses of Christ wherever God places us whether in the Public or Private Health Care system.

Handling Academic depression; A comeback:

The pursuit of any student – from any level up to the post-graduate – is to successfully scale through that phase of life; to make progress. The actualization of this dream is always preceded by an examination process.

Failing an exam or having to suffer stagnancy is one of the most tragic experiences for any student, no matter how strong-hearted. Oftentimes, there is a resulting phase of depression. This session seeks to discuss this phase of a student’s life and equip participants with the strategy on how to well handle the experience of having to fail an examination; and as a result of this knowledge bounce back even stronger.


12 (Thursday) - 14 (Saturday) WAT


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