The long-awaited year: Ophthalmologists dreamt about it, Nurses looked forward to it as “the year of the nurse”, the UN and WHO sang about it.

It finally came, and was indeed different though not as everyone anticipated. A pandemic rose in its wake and swept round the globe, an event that put medical science in disarray and brought world leaders to their knees.

Africa! Nigeria!

We watched in trepidation as it ravaged civilizations far better than ours. The predictions were very gloomy: our rickety health system was not going to withstand the onslaught that was certain to come.

Finally, it arrived with a first case and then more and more. Contrary to what we feared however, something unexplainable happened which threw more confusion into the mix: Africa didn’t become a cemetery!

Everyone is still unsure of how this miracle happened, because nothing short of a miracle could have saved us. Yes, we prayed, oh how we prayed! We knew that if God did not help us, we were done for. Certainly this was the hand of God, this was Him looking out for us somehow so that despite our lack of preparedness, our entire continent didn’t become decimated.

Medical science is still trying to explain this phenomenon; did Africa get an attenuated version of the virus? Is it the tropical climate, or our immune system that has been fortified from repeated assault from infections since birth? Or is there something in the genes? Perhaps it’s the outdoorsy nature? Perhaps… Perhaps… We’ll wait for the conclusions.

Yes, we also lost people close to us, gems so dear that the memories still bring tears to our eyes: family members, friends and associates. If we could turn back the hands of time, certainly we wouldn’t need to think twice before bringing them back.

There was as well a lockdown which devastated individual and global economies. Jobs were lost, jobs were gained.

On the positive side, we have been reminded of the more important things in life – family, friends, love, hope, peace in the midst of the storm, and Christ!

And so we move on into the new year perhaps with some uncertainty in the air, what with the news of a second wave of COVID-19. Nevertheless, we will not forget to appreciate God, Yahweh- the Giver of life- who has kept us through this turbulence. We will not forget His love, faithfulness and might. Oh how mighty He is!

With hands lifted high and tears in our eyes, we cry out together “Holy, Holy, Holy are You Lord God Almighty. The whole Earth is full of your Glory!” Merry Christmas CMDA and a bold entry into 2021.

Dr. Nwabiara Onyekanichi

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  1. Esther

    This has basically been my year in summary. 💙

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