Wholeness Missions

WHOLENESS MISSIONS is the missions outreach arm of CMDA Nigeria dedicated to providing healthcare and wholeness in demonstration of Christian love.  Each year, CMDA members working as medical, dental and surgical teams undertake hundreds of outreaches within and outside Nigeria along with our partners. Through these trips, we bring healthcare and wholeness to those in need, disciple participants, support the growth of local churches and provide care to the poor and needy.

Healthcare professionals and students of all categories that desire to join us for such outreaches, as well as churches, missions’ organisations and individuals that desire to advance the love of Christ through missions in their communities can reach us to share in the blessing of being part of these outreaches. Together, we bring healing to the body, preach the good news of salvation to the unsaved and ensure deliberate discipleship in the steps of Jesus Christ, the Great Physician.

HUman capacity Development

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IMM was established in 2006 to mobilize, train, and mentor doctors, medical students and health workers to understand, support and commit themselves to missions work across various platforms within and beyond Nigeria. The training opportunities offered by the Institute are implemented using an interactive adult learning approach (andragogy). Participants are exposed to highly engaging faculty members who have practical life experiences in missions. The Foundation Course in Medical Missions which last one week is formational, and goes beyond the traditional approaches of merely disseminating information and imparting knowledge.


IfEHL was established by CMDA Nigeria in 2018 as a platform to raise leaders who desire to provide leadership and healthcare with excellence. The institute provides targeted training of human resources for health as a strategic approach aimed at raising and comprehensively equipping purpose-driven individuals that have the potential and passion to address the prevailing challenges impeding  the health sector in Nigeria and other developing settings.

The Basic Course is an 8-day fully residential session that features a series of carefully selected modules, case studies, and other practical engagements. Trainees are followed up based on a 5-year tracking and support plan. The Intermediate Course equips enrollees with the skills and tools required for effectiveness in the ever-changing health sector marketplace. The Advanced Course targets individuals at the managerial level and equips them with knowledge, skill, and accountability networks required to play such roles effectively.

What We Do


Logo Exploration Sessions provide opportunities for individuals to understand the vision of caring for the whole man and the inspiration to desire to gain insight into God’s vision for their lives.

Cluster Leadership Trainings ensure that our students and doctors are prepared for leadership in the vision, and guided on how to help members to stir up their gifts and fulfil their ministries.

The Starting Strong Programme, which covers the modules required to survive the early years of practice, is deliberately designed to prepare our final year students for induction into the Doctors’ arm, and also to support them during their early years of transition through internship and national youth service.

Mentorship Programme includes masterfully crafted tools and platforms through which we connect generations, network like-minded Christian medics and students, and support the discovery and fulfilment of purpose as well as development of life skills that help members live professionally and spiritually fulfilling lives.



WHIP serves as a hub to nurture and coordinate innovations, strategic initiatives and projects undertaken or supported by CMDA Nigeria. These include research, social and behavioural change communication initiatives, grant-funded projects in various areas of the health systems, and interventions in health, education and communication sectors.

One of such innovations – The TIDEy project – was launched in 2019 as a public health campaign that aims to Teach, Implement, Delegate and Empower communities for environmental sustainability, by promoting social and behavioural change through research, partnerships, volunteering, monitoring and evaluation.

In 2019, CMDA Nigeria also rolled out the Standardized, Medical Missions And Relief Technical (SMMART) protocol as a health information system to support Wholeness Missions operations.



EXCEL is the ministry arm of CMDA Nigeria with the primary goal of supporting members to achieve excellence in their medical and dental training. Through several academic teachings, clinical mentorship, peer learning, and targeted support activities, members are supported to excel as students and to develop an excellent level of professional competence that prepares and enables them to practice proficiently.

EXCEL Programme for Students includes initiatives that help student members (including foreign graduates) to excel in their academics. Through the programme, members are made to understand the value of attending lectures, postings, peer-learning and academic development trainings with utmost commitment, and to aspire to be among the best in academics, research, and practice.

The Good Teacher is a capability building training on teaching, modelled after the excellent teaching methods of Jesus and implemented through a partnership between CMDA Nigeria and Prime International. Through such trainings, CMDA Nigeria fills a gap in the Nigerian Health Space, which is that of the paucity of opportunities for providing medical educators with techniques to impart knowledge to their students using a values-based approach.

Whole Person Medicine Training is a masterfully designed capability building initiative that focuses the attention of the Christian medic on the history of medicine, the basis for whole person and patient-centred care, and how to go about providing such care within the context of practical, prevailing considerations. The training is implemented through a partnership between CMDA Nigeria and Prime International. 

Developing Health Course serves as a mechanism to constantly improve the capacity of health workers in mission hospitals and settings with more limited access to developments in the health space. The DHC is implemented in partnership with the Christian Medical Fellowship, United Kingdom.

Continuing Medical Education (CME) events are regularly organised by CMDA Nigeria as solitary and embedded events (in conferences and trainings). These events enable members to be constantly updated with developments in healthcare, health policy, education and research.

The Publications and Library unit of the Association, proudly driven by our students, has several publications (texts) on major courses in medical curriculum that serve as guides for Students and Doctors. There are also libraries with helpful materials for all aspects of growth, to equip members.


The Saline Training is targeted at equipping and mobilizing Christian health workers to be witnesses of God’s love and the reality of Jesus Christ in their various workplaces. The training is implemented in collaboration with IHS Global through an established global partnership with the ICMDA. Key elements of the transformational training include witness training, mentoring, follow-up, accountability and multiplication.


CMDA Nigeria supports the efforts of government agencies involved in providing succour to victims of humanitarian emergencies by rendering voluntary short and long-term healthcare and health promotion services, as well as providing relief materials to victims, especially women and children.


CMDA Nigeria serves as a Christian voice on contemporary healthcare, health policy, and health-related education issues. Through our members within and outside Nigeria, we communicate perspectives that represent the truth and support CMDA’s vision at relevant forums, including the government, churches, media, academic institutions, professional associations and the public.


CMDA Nigeria National Secretariat located in Abuja, provides various forms of office support to the organisation such as administration and finances, technology, communication and media as well as transport and logistics. All information about CMDA Nigeria and its activities can be obtained from the National office.