The healthcare sector is a unique and essential contributor to the overall wellbeing of a country, given its focus on human lives. For individuals and families, their quality of life, productivity, and societal relevance rest significantly on the extent to which they have access to and can utilize holistic care.

To achieve holistic care, which is care for the body, soul and spirit, care providers must be knowledgeable, excellent, proficient, compassionate and productive.

Those who shape or lead the sector at any level must be skilled enough to efficiently and effectively manage human, financial and material resources, to make meaningful contributions to individual and population health improvement.

They must also have passion and commitment to ensure fairness and accountability.


Unfortunately, several prevailing challenges impact negatively on the health sector in Nigeria and other sub-Saharan African countries, and lead to delivery of substandard healthcare and poor health indices. These include shortage of financial and human resources, poor infrastructure, as well as poorly articulated policies and governance frameworks.

Quite importantly, recognized capacity gaps among leaders, managers and care givers in the health sector have enormous negative implications for health outcomes. Among health workers, poor attitude to work, poor adherence to ethics, and sub-optimal commitment to integrity and excellence, contribute significantly to observed inefficiencies and poor performance at all levels of the health care system.

While being a Christian in the health sector demands a deeper responsibility for knowledge,
leadership, excellence, integrity, performance and accountability, it is true that the gap in actual exhibition of such qualities amongst many Christian Doctors.

The call to be light and salt, requires a translation of the virtues of the Christian faith in practical terms to work on a daily basis.

However, many have divided their lives into spiritual and secular, reserving the “spiritual”
for religious gatherings, while the everyday living is seen as “secular”. The failure to live as an
“integrated Christian” creates opportunities for compromises.

A consequence of poor preparation of Christian Doctors for leadership and service is that some that have been given leadership responsibilities have gone into it as emergency, unprepared, and unable to meet minimum performance standards, leading their subordinates and other Christians to question their Christian testimony.

The gap actually begins during early years following graduation, when people are still impressionable, but have limited exposure to persons with the right values.


With its mandate to establish a Christian Witness in every community through Christian Medics who are in the ministry of medicine, the CMDA Nigeria implements strategies to mobilize, train and deploy Christian medics who have the capacity for effectiveness and productivity in the health sector.

The course, which targets young and older professionals provides a meeting and melting point for practical engagement, peer learning, experience sharing and establishment of accountability networks.

It aims to unpack philosophical paradigms, and to refocus the mind of participants on the path to developing true and impactful Christian leadership, management and practice qualities for excellent performance.

Through a set of IfEHL courses, CMDA Nigeria seeks to address the dearth of purposeful leadership and excellence in the health sector, knowing that the future of the medical practice is bleak if nothing is done.

It is hoped that the course and the networks that will develop from it will produce a new generation of Christian professionals that will be deployed in our communities to compositely transform the health sector.


The IfEHL will roll out two flagship courses in its first two years. These are
1. IfEHL Basic Course(IBC)
2. IfEHL Advanced Course (IAC)

Description of the IfEHL Basic Course

The IfEHL Basic Course is an 8-day long training featuring a series of modules, case studies, practical sessions, reflection and mentoring sessions channeled toward the realization of the vision of IfEHL. Some of the carefully selected modules include The Big Picture, Paradigms of Life and The Necessity of Christ; The Christian and His work; Leadership, Followership and Team work; the Nigerian Health System; Efficiency, Excellence and Integrity; Ethics; Basics of Research in Healthcare and the Christian doctor and marriage, home and finances. Interspersed within the modules through the course are carefully selected case studies with Biblical foundations that are designed to help participants engage practically with the teachings of each day.

Similarly, the Group Practical Work sessions are intended to get the participants to apply lessons from the modules. The time of reflection creates an avenue for the participants to individualize and internalize the teachings from the modules and Bible Studies, while the mentorship sessions provide opportunities for sharing experiences that promote the imbibition of positive values and sound character.


The targets for the foundation course are young medical professionals who are at the early phases of engagement in the practice of Medicine. These include fresh graduates (pre-internship), interns, Corps members, immediate Post NYSC, early residency and doctors who are below 10 years of graduation irrespective of where they work.

Doctors above this level who want to be part of the basic course can also apply.

1. Limited spaces are available: Each course will admit a maximum of 30 participants.

2. Application forms can be downloaded from the CMDA website at

3. All forms should be filled and emailed to the admissions office [email protected]

4. Participants will be chosen following screening of applications and recommendations.

5. Application closes 4 weeks before the start of the training.

6. Admission letters will be issued to all participants.

7. Registration is free and accommodation will be provided. However, each participant is
expected to make a minimum contribution as a commitment to attend.

8. Each participant is expected to be present throughout the course of the training.

9. Each training session shall offer 10 CPD Points to all registered participants.

Further Enquiries

For further enquiries, please contact The CMDA National Liaison Office, Hospital Chapel
Complex, National Hospital, Abuja;
[email protected], [email protected].

ifehl gallery


IfEHL 19(02) Set

“My experience in IfEHl has been splendid. As a child of God, I was made to understand that practicing wholistic medicine is paramount for the kingdom, coupled with having the right mindset for excellence in all facets of life.”

-Dr Jesse Tanko


“Words cannot express my experience in IfEHL. But I think it’s a strategic program that has god put in place to give my life a purpose for which I will pour out my life. IfEHL is the hope of the health sector.”

-Dr Dunama James.


“I really have no words to explain my experience at IfEHL. But I would say it was a blessing to me. It was so insightful and changed my perspective on certain things. I got to learn certain things about life; I am a minister and medicine is a platform to reach lives. I had to evaluate certain things I felt were important which were not relevant to God’s kingdom work.

I also got better understanding on the health care system, and how to be an agent of change wherever I find myself and everything I do should be done wholeheartedly, because God is my primary employer.

It was indeed a wonderful time listening to great men and women sharing their life experiences and giving practical examples on how we can make things better. I am so grateful to God for this privilege and opportunity to be a part of this course. I believe the potentials God has given me; I have not scratched it yet. But it is a new era and I believe this is just the beginning of greater exploits to come!!

-Dr Oluchukwu Ike

IfEHL is not just a meeting but an encounter, also not just a moment, it is a movement. The new best thing that can happen to a Christian medic in Nigeria or world over is to share in this encounter of God and join in the movement. My experience as a participant of IfEHl was awesome and life changing and I would say is a great disservice if I keep mute of it as it is worth telling to all who care to listen…

IfEHl – God’s master plan for restoration of excellence in healthcare system.

-Dr Aikoriogie, Louis Osaheni



“Ifehl is a life changing program God has used to rearrange my life. It is clearer to me now more than ever that my life has only one use and that is to fulfill purpose. Rising from this program I have decided that never again will I sit at ease in ‘Zion’. Never again will my heart cleave to worthless idol. Fulfilling my purpose is the reason I live and the only thing worth dying for.”

-Dr Chioma Ugwu


“My experience at IfEHL has been life changing. It has really been expository. It has exposed me to certain truths about life, ministry (my platform), excellence, leadership etc. A lot of concepts have changed for me so far, my perception of work, money, positions, lifestyle, and everything has changed. I want to thank God that IfEHL came to me at the point I needed it most (a point where I was at a crossroad and didn’t know which way to take). In summary I would like to say coming for IfEHL is the best decision I made in 2019 so far!”

-Dr Nweke Sopuruchi

“With a desire to learn and better myself, I came to IfEHL not knowing what to expect. Fulfilling God’s divine purpose for my life has become top priority. Now I have a solid template for my career, irrespective of the direction I take. I’m blessed with mentors to model after and a loving new family for life.”

-Dr Bulus Ovey Emmanuel


“I had to reassure myself that coming for IfEHL was worth my money and my time. In actual fact, it far exceeds both. This same me, has come to realize that IfEHL is nothing compared to what I had ever imagined. To be honest, in my lifetime l have attended a number of life-changing programs but IfEHL is different somewhat! I really wish anyone reading this could understand how much my perspectives on life have been changed, re-arranged and reformed. My words can’t explain enough but l know of a surety that my works through the Christ of IfEHL will outlive me by his grace!!!

-Dr Ayo, Omobolanle Marian


“I stand from the perspective of a privileged few. An unexplainable feeling of God’s love found me here, words fail. IfEHL has instituted a clear divide between two seasons, an experience that depicts beginning of intentional living. It’s been about Jesus taking the wheel. It has given me direction and has poured God’s grace for excellence. I am now a force of attraction.”

-Dr Ohanaka, Adaeze.


“IfEHL is a miracle; a program divinely orchestrated by God and God himself orders the steps of the participants into it. I see myself as highly privileged to attend. The facilitators have not only taught us with their words but with their lives. Here, my priorities have been set right, paradigms shifted and my vision sharpened on what the lord will have me do. I now have a better understanding of what the essence of life truly is and how we should live out our purpose, finishing our assignment. I’ve been able to build relationships with persons whom I believe will help keep me in check and with whom together, we will do great things. God be praised.”

-Dr Charles Okeke

“IfEHL is a mould breaker of ages…! It has truths that transcend civilizations, systems, culture, patterns. A new perspective dawned on me – God’s perspective. My view on life is entirely changed. It was inspiring to have the caliber of people share with us. I kept realizing I hadn’t scratched nothing. I’m graced with sound networks, relationships, etc. And this is till we exit lifetime. Someday, I hope we will meet on the other side of eternity in Christ’s glory. God bless IfEHL!”

-Dr Chioma Achonye

“Coming for IfEHL, just after NYSC, at such a strategic decisive junction of my life is one of the best decisions I ever made. Spending the past few days locked-in and massively loaded with the essentials for life has rearranged my priorities and shown me the dignity of a balanced life as a Christian medic.”

-Dr Babajide Johnson.


“I can’t thank god enough for giving me the opportunity to attend this program, it’s as though I was on the island of Patmos.”

-Dr Olasupo Ibitoye


IfEHL l made me realise all the more God’s plan for me as a doctor even in the health sector, beyond what has been the status quo. I understood heaven’s demands much more. I had the awareness rekindled and reinforced that even as a doctor I’m on an assignment which I must find out, take on seriously and give the lord the best of me, having my entire life poured out completely for him. My life is of no other use than that, god has set for me.”

-Dr Chidimma Jedidiah


“I stumbled upon the IfEHL poster on a group chat and for some reasons, felt a drive to attend. I must say that it is the best decision I took this year because the timing was perfect; just before starting housemanship. I’ve learnt lessons that have already changed the course of my life, I cannot appreciate the organizers enough.”

-Dr Armstrong Nicholas Kpachi


“Coming to IfEHL was really orchestrated divinely by God and I would say it is one of the best decisions I have taken because it has helped my life greatly. I actually lack words to express myself concerning the experience at IfEHL but I would say it has really been an encounter with destiny. It has helped redefine purpose, refocused me, realign me in the right direction and enabled me to see the big picture and to set my eyes on what’s most important. I’m eternally grateful for being part of this.”

-Dr Onaghise Lucky Osasere


“IfEHL can hardly be summarized in one paragraph. It was explosive, a mixture of emotions. With the deep expositions came self-judgement and feelings of inadequacy, then guilt, but just before I got downcast, hope and encouragement to go forth and maximize my remaining years on this side of eternity. For the true Christian medic, this experience could not be more apt.”

-Dr Chika Anozie


“Hmmm… Don’t really know how to do this but… IfEHL has been an experience of a lifetime. Through the platform of IfEHL, God has consistently and consciously distorted my thoughts, plans and aspirations and is repositioning me on the right path for his will alone.”

-Dr Abaenowa Chibuzo Christian


“My IfEHL experience was ineffable; my paradigms were readjusted and convictions were strengthened. There’s so much to get done. Heaven beckons. I can’t wait to get started.”

-Dr Dick-Anthony Ikenna


“IfEHL was a turning point for me. I would summarize in one question I’ll ask the rest of my life: “do you hear heaven’s applause?” And the decision to treat the person standing next to me like I would if it was Jesus standing next to me.

-Dr Glory Yeesuf


“Really cannot fully describe, but no doubt it was a life redefining week. Our priorities were once again adjusted, controversial issues in our hearts settled and fresh fire of passion for God’s kingdom ignited in us. I really think it’s a must attend for every medic I know and I’m immensely grateful to God for every minute I spent in IfEHL.”

-Dr Vincent Barrah


“I was asked what IfEHL was all about prior to my participating, I gave the little explanation I could come up with but one thing I remember saying was I had ‘chosen’ to participate in the program. A great misinformation this turned out to be. Not only did I not understand how impactful this would be, I had also assumed that this was a choice that I had made, but it wasn’t. I was chosen, all twenty-five of us were chosen by God to revolutionize our lives, change mindsets, set new and meaningful goals and major on the majors. I have been given a gift; I have been awakened.”

-Dr Vivian Nnenna Chukwuma


“How do you put words to an experience that is indescribable? How do you explain that which cannot be explained by words but by life? Not by talk but by actions. This is IfEHL to me. Clarity sprang forth from the well of wisdom that was available. Certainty of purpose has never been clearer. IfEHL changed various perspectives that were not eternity focused and made me understand that if Christ is worth living for, then he is worth dying for. So now I run for a prize; I run my race to be told welcome and set out to accomplish my task for a well-done. Priorities redefined is a word that lies at the heart of my IfEHL experience. Medicine is my platform for ministry. I am a lamp on fire that shines and makes others contact the same fire.”

Dr Emmanuel Efah Egbe


“If you are lost; if you stand at crossroads not knowing where to turn;

If you are discontent, and seek assurance of salvation; if your soul is disquieted within you;

IfEHL is the place to be. Do you seek your purpose? Do you hunger for contentment that comes from above? Come to mount Zion.

IfEHL is the place you’ve always longed for.

I sought after God for direction. I fasted and prayed, but there was a lot of noise from concerns with no eternal value.

Alas, on this mountain, God has filtered, so I may hear his voice only.”

-Dr Pascal Onyefulu


” IfEHL has exceeded my expectations! My perspectives have been transformed; it is as though I were handed the lens God uses in viewing things. My passion re-fired, my paradigms have taken a kingdom-inspired shift, my priorities – radically rearranged. I don’t only recommend IfEHL, it is a must-attend.”

-Dr Emmanuel Weynom Stephen


IfEHL 19(01) Set

“IFEHL was a timely retreat for me. It helped me refocus, set my priorities right and realign my will to God’s will.”

-Dr Kasarachi Omitiran


“IfEHL was a Life-changer for me. It redefined life and life priorities to me. It was a retreat and revival ground for me; there I found new strength and wisdom to purposefully and productively engage life”

-Dr Tunde Ologunde


“Personally, I think one paragraph wouldn’t do justice to expressing my personal experience at IfEHL. Post housemanship, I sat down and reflected on the events that unfolded during the housemanship year, the role I played and knew that there were things I needed to work on. Also staring at me in the face is the pressure to join the rat race and I took out time to pray in order to receive instructions for the journey ahead. IfEHL for me was an answer to sincere longing in my heart to really understand what the Lord will have me do and building my absolute confidence in Him as He leads me. There was a paradigm shift in my thought process and my approach to life. In fact, in the course of IfEHL, I received confirmation for certain things the Lord has being laying on my heart. IfEHL set me on track for the journey ahead and this has been my driving force where am currently doing my youth service.  What more can I say: Eyes haven’t seen nor ears heard, neither have entered into the hearts of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love him (1 Corinthians 2:9).”

-Dr Adesina Oluwaseyi


IfEHL was a training that taught me things I never knew, gave deeper understanding to things I had surface knowledge of and solidified instructions I had already received from God. Beginning from the Truth Institute, which stands for me, as the foundation of every other knowledge gained during the course of the training. The Lesson on Time and Eternity is a priceless truth and is the reason why I have to work as unto God in this “full-time” ministry called Medicine that I have chosen to do. IfEHL gave me the opportunity to interact with brilliant minds, both of the facilitators and of the trainees. My experience at IfEHL drove deeper the responsibility I have to be Salt and Light of the Health care sector and the world at large. Post IfEHL, I am more aware of time management knowing now that my time is my life and must be used productively. I am making conscious plans and effort to build my capacity and increase my sphere of influence as I delve into the terrain of specializing. It’s been a pleasure to have a better relationship with my patients, seizing the opportunity when I could to say a word of prayer with one that was willing. As a group (Wholeness Centre Work Group), we’ve been able to interview two of our Fathers to gain knowledge on how to progress with the project.

-Dr Ella Abah


“The seven-day locked-in program set the stage for me to discover God’s purpose for my life. Every day of IfEHL opened my eyes to God’s heart for CMDA Nigeria and her role in the coming revival. I have wondered which is difficult, getting truth or practicing and living out truth? Post IfEHL for me has been a time of proving the truth I had received.”

-Dr Abdulrahman. Fofie


IfEHL helped re-align my focus in life. During and after IfEHL, God put an unusual desire to seize every opportunity to carryout Heaven’s expectations of me. After IfEHL, I began to think and do more with my life and I’m working daily to do all God will have me do on earth. Indeed, I feel a lot more useful on earth. I can’t thank God enough for my IfEHL experience.

-Dr Gift Amlabu


“IFEHL was a deeply inspiring life-changing session that transformed  my thoughts, altered my mindset, realigned my priorities and changed my life’s goals.”

-Dr Vivian Ewenike


“IfEHL for me was a mountain of unprecedented encounters with the Word of God as far as the ministry of Medicine is concerned. One impression that has really affected my workplace experience post IfEHL is the understanding that I am not just expected to be effective but more importantly to be efficient. I have since been striving not just to be the best but to be my best. Many thanks to IfEHL.”

-Dr Leke Olaoye


“During IfEHL, I had life changing encounters, where GOD gave me an exposure to very deep things that cannot be taken for granted, redefining quite a lot from me. I understood “life” and “ministry” from a whole new perspective. Post IfEHL, I have practically experienced a shift in paradigms, redefining things I consider to be highly important. My productivity has increased, and my views have become global and more encompassing. Trusting GOD for more.”

-Dr Prophe Ikechukwu Ezeali

IfEHL 18(01) Set

“My experience with IfEHL has been one that brings the need and urgency of fulfilling mandate and vision within the limited time allocated to my ‘dash’. It spurs me to excellence and to provide Christ-like mindedness in given tasks and jobs. The need to practice Whole person Medicine always come fresh each time I have the opportunity to relate with patients.”

–Dr. Samuel Ugwu Chika


“IfEHL couldn’t have been timelier than when it was organized attended because I was free (hate being bored) and its CMDA (let’s go there). I just had House Job interview, waiting for the list to be out. Prior to graduation, I had seen how Nurses treated us (Medical Students) with contempt (my idea was, they are just jealous because we are what they can never be), I made up my mind that I won’t joke with them when I become a doctor, I will order them around, make them work so much (hourly vitals, hourly urinary output monitoring). But IfEHL broke the bonds of hatred I never knew had formed in my heart over the years for those of the sister profession. If I didn’t come for IfEHL, I wouldn’t have been able to penetrate labs, wards and get so much of my work done at a faster rate, also if I didn’t choose to love them first irrespective of their attitudes.

I found out from experience that working together can make life easier for not just the patient alone but for us all only if we learn to put aside professional pride and appreciate the contributions of others in moving forward. IfEHL and my patients too; I made up my mind never to shout at a patient or relative no matter how annoying or provoking they may be but always put myself in their shoes and try to understand how they feel at all times in the course of care. All these wouldn’t have been achievable if I didn’t make it to IfEHL”

-Dr. Tabitha Isimemen Inegbedion


“IfEHL 18(01) was a divine reaffirmation to me that the best medical practice anywhere in the world is beyond what the ethics of medical and scientific thinking can convey but what God, the absolute Truth professes on the sacredness of Human life and the value He places on it”.

-Dr. Rex Ehiorobo Uwaifo


“My IfEHL experience was exceptionally hearty. Among many other things, I understood that making a difference in healthcare didn’t only require sophistication but also through simple, but pungent approach, a lot can be done. Like Shamgar, my ox goad when properly utilized could slay 600 eyes where opened to the endless possibilities that are available through which I could play a role in establishing excellence and I saw the real state of the Nigerian healthcare system and the need to be part of the builders of the ruined city. I am so glad I was a part of IfEHL and I know my place is home”.

-Dr. James Ben


“I wasn’t sure what to expect when I registered to participate in the maiden edition of the training. At the end of the day, I was very glad I came because I connected with like-minded doctors and discovered a part of me that was hitherto not known (my passion for social justice). I left the training and single handedly constituted a committee that fought for the payment of salaries of NYSC doctors, intern Medical Laboratory Scientists, Pharmacists and House Officers which was unpaid for 6months. I left IfEHL convinced that God has answered our prayer for better leadership in the health sector through this initiative.”

-Dr. Gideon Haruna Dankyal


“My IfEHL experience e can be described much like an eye opener. It was a very timely intervention to arrest an imminent waste of divine opportunities and privileges on frivolities. It still represents a great point of refocusing which I believe has been guiding my practice as a doctor. I am grateful to God that I made it to IfEHL because it broadened my horizon, adjusted my focus, and presented me with models and potent examples of excellence in healthcare and leadership. It had and all-round content which spoke to me on multiple issues at different planes but within a central context of utilizing this one life for maximum kingdom impact”.

-Dr. Samson Madaki


“IfEHL was an eye opener for me and an opportunity to get to the roots/basics. It was a complete package touching every aspect of life and career as a Christian Doctor. I am yet to recover from it”.

-Dr. Julius David Akhetuamhen


“I was a time where the foundations of what I believed were reexamined. I saw again what to believe about life and the Christian faith. I was also confronted with the realities that I was to meet as a Christian doctor practicing in Nigeria. The burden to be the solution to the failure in the health sector was strengthened. It was also wonderful to see examples of men making a difference in their callings within this same devastated landscape called the health sector in Nigeria and it was encouraging to interact with like-minded individuals who wanted to be the agents of the change all desired to see. In all, it was a time to reflect and set my heart on the path that I must take to be relevant to God in the health sector”.

-Dr. Ameh Emmanuel Ameh


“With a mindset about the health sector in Nigeria, I came into IfEHL, gradually, my thought process began to crumble and light began to shine on hitherto unknown possibilities to me. Renewed, reinvigorated and burdened, I left IfEHL to play my part and responsibly be committed to a needed change. My part I will play began to take a whole new meaning”.

-Dr. Sharon Bitto


“IfEHL was a time of learning, unlearning and relearning for me. A time of making major life decisions about God and my practice of medicine. It was a programme that changed the way I practiced medicine during housejob. I appreciate the house for giving me the opportunity to be a part of something bigger than me.”  

-Dr. Nneka Louisa Nwachukwu


“Attending IfEHL was one serendipitous event that was timely for my life and career. The training nudged me into having a paradigm shift from the statuesque and sidelines in terms of leadership in health sector and ultimately in quality healthcare delivery. Much good can really be done with the right mindset and smart work in spite of the daunting challenges.”

-Dr. Akpomushi Egga


“IfEHL for me was a wonderful experience that I wish every Christian health worker can experience for a greater patient care. The nostalgia of the teachings, encounter with the Lord and the new personalities we met makes IfEHL one of the greatest encounters I have ever had.”

-Dr. Magaji Ajik


“My experience at IfEHL left me convinced that God is at work in bringing about the change and IfEHL is one of the training camps. The experience at IfEHL is not just unforgettable, it is life defining”

-Dr. Elijah Wuyep


“IfEHL remains an unforgettable experience in my life. It began a new phase, stirring the consciousness of wholesome commitment to the ministry that the medicine platform provides and aiming for excellence at the workplace. After the training, I have been involved in working with National Secretariat of CMDA full time and this has greatly developed my capacity for future commitments I have moved to begin residency in Lagos and hope to replicate the culture IfEHL imputed to the cohort of CMDA and the Christian community at my workplace”

-Dr. Haningh Ngalato


“At IfEHL, I learnt that it was okay to stay back home and build my part of the broken health sector. At a time when it seems like a very unpopular opinion, I learnt that following God’s plan for my life is best. I also learnt that every second of my time counts and that living as if I had all the time is the beginning of death and that making infinite impacts starts from the little things in life .IfEHL is a constant reminder of my ministry and compels me spread the love of Christ and deal patiently with my patients”

-Dr. Ashe’aba Ogheneganre Kigbu


“IfEHL gave me the realization that I can be a solution to the decadence in the Nigerian health sector and chart a new path and reference for Africa and the world in terms of health. The richness in experience, excellence and integrity of the faculty gave me hope that it was possible. I left IfEHL resolute to acquire the necessary professional equipping to play my part. I have a vast network of young colleagues, fellow IfEHL participants whose hearts beat in tandem with mine and I know I am not alone. With IfEHL, the answer is here!”.

-Dr. Ferdinand Ibu Ogbaji