CMDA Nigeria News Update

CMDA Nigeria News Update

CMDA ABIA State Chapter makes donations to Abia Specialist Hospital

The Christian Medical and Dental Association of Nigeria-Abia state chapter made donations to the specialist hospital in the state. Among items donated are Face shields, N95 masks, hand sanitizers (100ml and 500ml bottles) and COVID-19 awareness banners on the 13th of May 2020.

These items delivered were recieved by the CMD of Abia Specialist Hospital and Diagnostic center, Umuahia, in the person of Dr Jamike Osondu Enwereji. He expressed his gratitude.

Dr. Iheanyi Ihedoro, Dr. Grace Onyike and Dr. Chimeremma Ihebenachi were present to make the donation on behalf of the Chapter.

CMDA ABIA State Chapter visits the Medium Security Correctional facility, Umuahia, bearing gifts.

CMDA ABIA State Chapter visits the Medium Security Correctional facility, Umuahia, bearing gifts.

CMDA ABIA State Chapter visited the Medium Security Correctional facility, Umuahia, on May 11, 2020, bearing gifts of Personal Protective Equipment. The gifts were received by grateful authorities who noted it as a welcome help to their need at this time. However, their spokesman also noted that they were also in dire need of facemasks for inmates and members of the Prisons Staff.
CMDA is currently making arrangements for 1,500 facemasks for the 941 inmates and 250 staff.

All donations to help in this venture are welcome.

CMDA ABIA State Chapter COVID-19 Response Team engages in Public enlightenment programmes via radio

The Chapter also has planned a consistent presence in Radio stations around Abia State from 18th to 21st May, 2020 for talk sessions seeking to empower the state’s populace with information on the COVID-19 pandemic, seeking to enlighten them further on ways to stay safe, curb spread, and flatten the curve, whilst answering questions the public may have about the pandemic.

We continue in the fight against COVID 19 and we are reminded that the little we give can go a long way to save a life.


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