Live From The Frontline: Dare to Stand

Live From The Frontline: Dare to Stand

Let me encourage us to be deliberate in reaching out to another band of ‘men and brethren’ in this time.

Men, because they may never have come to the faith before now; Brethren, because they may have come to the faith years before, but have now lost that faith or its basis, and (even in extreme cases) now denied the basis of our faith.

I had a long drawn conversation with a friend yesterday, and as we were sharing, she said something that buttresses this line I have written in this way:

“Well, I thank God for this COVID-19, even though when I hear about the mortalities I feel so so sad. However, it has brought some good.”

I asked why and she replied,

“I have over 5 friends who decades ago were giants in the faith (in fact, they were School ‘Papa’s and Mama’s’ in NCCMDS) but since they migrated to the US and UK, they abandoned the faith.

They simply believed they did not need God to get what they needed or wanted to do in life. They believed all they simply needed to do was to think, plan, and work it out”.

She later testified how COVID-19 had brought them back to their knees and to a place of renewed search for God.

I was simply struck by her statement as it hit me that amidst all the current pain and worldwide suffering, God could still make something good out of it.

I have watched with amazement the video clips of people witnessing, daring to do different kinds of morning cries, blasting gospel music out of mobile speakers in the midst of neighborhoods in London, and everyone standing on their doorpost in gratitude for the words. This is quite unusual and would never have happened if not for COVID that in the first place kept everyone in their homes.

Satan, being the master orchestrator of chaos and crisis, has set in motion a series of events that have brought along so much pain but God, as the chess grandmaster, has beaten him to the game again just like in the death of Jesus Christ!

Dr Ogonna N. Nwankwo (Calabar)

COMMENTARY- Kelechi Awa (Abia)

Another important point that can be noted from the penultimate paragraph of the focus article is the boldness of the Believers who have dared to stand in this season in places they previously would not have been able to for extant laws, have had their words received by many, as against the usual apprehension and the usual calls to the Police for complaints of public nuisance. This contrast in response makes me realize more than ever that ‘This is The best Time of the Harvest!’

Simply put, COVID-19 has presented an opportunity and an open door for the gospel.

Satan, being the master orchestrator of chaos and crisis, has set in motion a series of events that have brought along so much pain but God has, as always, found a way to turn into something meaningful this terrible season in this fading world’s history. Most prominent amongst these numerous examples of deus ex machina  in mankind’s story is that of the Devil making his greatest mistake by stirring men and situations to ensure the death of Christ which has today opened the door to the salvation of men, so many that the kingdom of darkness has seen no rest till date.

Wherefore he saith, Awake thou that sleepest, and arise from the dead, and Christ shall give thee light. See then that ye walk circumspectly, not as fools, but as wise, Redeeming the time, because the days are evil. (Eph 5:14-16).

Evil days are not times to wail and yet remain inert. The Wisdom of God at such times lays a great demand on every Believer to stand upon mountains, hills, plains, or valleys to declare the hope of the world which is Christ.

As many sleep, we have a responsibility to not only be awake but also awaken as many as possible.

The Apostle Paul travelled many areas by ship, and for the Island of Malta, he arrived there by shipwreck, yet the entire community received a great witness of the gospel. This illustrates the different ways by which God brings us before open doors; some are in good times and some are created by relatively evil times as such.

However the means, God seeks to sensitize us on the open doors that have appeared at these times, urging us not to lay them to waste.

We have before us a situation that Paul, in writing to the Colossians, had prayed for saying: “Withal praying also for us, that God would open unto us a door of utterance, to speak the mystery of Christ, for which I am also in bonds:”

Open doors have been created that we who are labourers might witness Christ to the end that many will see the great Light which not only opens the eyes but lightens the path that leads to God.

The Harvest is great, The Harvest huge; only Labourers are in want.

As the Lord makes a call to immediate action, let us therefore dare to stand to be counted amongst laborers who have faithfully laid their sickle to the harvest.

This call of God is not without resistance or adversaries, we must however make up our minds to dare to witness no matter the cost, redeeming the time.

May our hearts not be insensitive nor our mouths shut at these times when voices must be heard. May The Lord stir us and make us bold to witness effectively.


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  1. Onazi-otsaje Ijosi Esther

    May we dare to stand for if we allow Christ to become the sailor of our lives our shop as it were we can smile at the storm and not be shipwrecked in these times and seasons


    Thanks for sharing an inspiring message as this.

    Dear Lord, help my eyes not to be closed to open doors you have set before me.

  3. Adejoke William-Kadri

    May the Lord open our eyes of understanding, that we may see the need of the hour and that the purpose for this pandemic in God’s agenda for the world be fulfilled.

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