Caring For The Whole Man

I have  come to realise that fulfilling the visions and missions of NCCMDS over the years can be compared to an ‘endless’ race  as they have both similar characteristics as follows:

  • Focus is essential all our energies must be directed towards accomplishing our mission of caring for the whole man. We must confine our activities to the boundaries of our vision and ensure that we do not deviate to the left or to the right. We must fix our eyes on making a mark in our generation.
  • It is a relay race one generation of Christian Medical students must pass across the ‘baton’ (vision) to another. The failure of one generation would surely affect the subsequent ones. Teamwork and continuity are essential. We must carry the baton in the vision, our academics, our spiritual lives as well as what we have our hands are the keys to exploits.
  • All weights must be removed weights of pride, sin, selfishness; ignorance must be laid aside to run this race effectively. Every excuse must be silenced that we may all play our parts in fulfilling the vision.
  • Training is essential for success: Success is truly the product of training i.e. the constant exercise of abilities and talents. Our conferences, meetings, outreaches are to train us for the challenge ahead. Without this training, disaster and failure are inevitable.
  • The competition is great we have our ‘unbelieving’ colleagues to reckon with and strive against. Enthroning sound moral principles in the medical practice based on the scriptures is bound to meet with opposition. Furthermore, we must aspire to achieve the highest height in our profession to back up our voice with the necessary authority.
  • Only the best win the race only the best athletes participate in great races. Likewise excellence must remain our goal, guideline and standard. Only the best can pass the test. Mediocrity, inferiority, and laxity must be banished from our code.
  • We have a record to break our goal is to break every ‘soul-wining’ record. Aware of the fact that more people pass through the hospital than through any other human institution, we are in a position to change the face of the world through utilizing our profession as a tool for evangelism. We want to be responsible for saving more souls than any other ministry or profession.
  • There are a great cloud of witnesses all eyes are on us. The expectation is tense and palpable. Our parents, communities, patients, colleagues and even our government are looking up to us to offer good services and to meet their needs physical and/or spiritual. We cannot disappoint them; we must prove our worth.
  • There is a prize ahead there is a reward for every labour. Financial, material and heavenly rewards are sure to come our way as we fulfil the divine call upon our lives. The joy of service alone in itself is very fulfilling and rewarding. The prize we shall receive shall never fade away.

Finally, my fellow athletes, he who began this good work in us will be faithful to bring it to a glorious end. We must continue to run without faltering or wavering and with our eyes fixed on the prize. All through the years and generations, our attitude towards fulfilling our visions should be this WE MUST NEVER GIVE UP!