Divine Direction

Instrument Of Divine Direction

Where divine direction is concerned, God has provided some instruments needed for effective direction to the believer.  It is simple knowledge that the carpenter or the mechanic is never effective in their businesses without the required instruments needed.

When the believer decides to move in God’s way of divine direction, it is God’s will that they are well equipped with necessary tools to be well directed according to God’s way.

The instruments are the prerequisites needed to be led by God.  They are the basic tools needed for a lifetime of effective direction in all aspects of life.

I also noticed that God doesn’t lead everyone because they need direction.  He only leads the people who are ready and willing to go for the instruments. Surprisingly, many believers desire to be directed by God, but are not willing to pay the price to receive delivery of the instruments God has designed for a quality life of divine direction.  It is true that many people need divine direction in this present world, but because they are not ready to open up to receive the requirements, they never get anywhere. The requirement must take pre-eminence over the quest for direction.

In the Kingdom of God, there are some conditions that must be put in place to attract its corresponding blessings.  Moreover, the instruments of divine direction are conditions you put in place to attract the perfect leadings of God.

It is clear from these Scriptures (Romans 8:14, Galatians 5:16-18, John 16:12) that fellowship with the Holy Spirit is the first condition for the true leading of God.  The Word of God says anyone that is lead by the Spirit of God is the matured child of God.  You must yield your entire life to the Holy Spirit by intimate fellowship in study of His Word and in prayer.  Make an effort to know the Lord and you will be amazed at close you will be drawn to Him.

The second is counsel (Exodus 18:18-19, Proverbs 15:22, Proverbs 11:14).  Counsel is one of the most powerful instruments of divine direction.  Humble yourself to receive counsel from the Word of God, tapes, CDs, Christian Literature and anointed servants of God.  Without counsel, people fail, but when there is counsel, they succeed.  You will succeed in Jesus’Name.  Shalom.

Moving In God’s Direction

The subject of divine direction is very important to every child of God.From Isaiah 55:9, we understand that the ways of God differ from our ways and His thoughts are different from our thoughts. When you decide to move in the direction of God, your life will be channeled through His ways and thoughts. It is easy to travel the journey of life according to our selfish desires and wishes and miss God’s ways and thoughts for our life.

By experience and maturity, most people know by now that their lives don’t get better by every good decision they make. Life only gets better by following the pre-ordained plans of God for your destiny. Your life will flourish and get better when you make a discovery of His divine plan for your life and follow it. From Proverbs 14:12, the Bible says there is a way that looks right to an individual but the end is the ways of death.

Friend, don’t kill your future, don’t kill your children, by the direction you are moving on today. Anyway that seems right to God will bring life to your existence and everything that concerns you. It is clear from the Scriptures that your life doesn’t get better by every good step when it is not in God’s direction.
The only way to separate your selfish ambitions from God’s direction for your life is to be led by Him in all that you do. (Psalm 23) When the Lord is your Shepherd, He takes the responsibilities of leading you in the path of righteousness and beside the still waters.

As your Good Shepherd, the Lord will feed you when you are hungry. When you are in need, He will supply your needs. When you are confused, He will lead you into all truth by the Holy Spirit. Moses was the kind of a shepherd that led over 2.5 million people from Egypt. In this Exodus, Moses requested that the Lord should go ahead of them with His Presence. Once Israel took the direction of God, He became a pillar of clouds by day and pillar of cloud by night. (Exodus 33:13-15) It is great and wonderful to walk in the frequency of God’s direction for your life. It is my prayer that you will not miss the leadings of your Great Shepherd in the Name of Jesus. Shalom.

I Need Direction

Divine direction is a lifetime requirement for every child of God and for every CMDA member.

Proverbs 14:12 teaches about the way that looks right unto a man and ends up in destruction, but we want to move in the ways of God. In life, many young adults who are ready for marriage and people going into business ministries and nations all need direction.

Somebody said, “I have a desire for business. I have the feeling of doing some kind of courses that will earn me much money, but I really need direction.” With all our wonderful plans and great aristocratic ideas, we can never be fulfilled in life without divine direction. Understand here that you will never reach your highest potential in life as a believer without a desire to be led by the Lord.

There will never be any peace in your walk with God where you will no longer need divine direction in your life. Reading through the Scriptures, I noticed that Father Abraham maintained God’s program of divine direction for His life even at old age.

If you are reading this today and God has already given you a dream to pursue, all you need now is divine direction. Divine direction is the currency for every outstanding destiny.

According to Jeremiah 42:16, God is ready to lead us in great paths we have never known. When He leads you, He turns your darkness into light and He straightens your crooked paths. A wise man said, “I need divine direction from above because I don’t want to miss my timing, I don’t want to do it my own way.” The pressure of people and the pressure of society will paint a picture of what you must do, yet when you go to God, He will give you the greatest direction that can end all your crises in life. I challenge you to start dreaming of doing some lasting things according to God’s direction and you will never regret it. Shalom.