Saved from Depression – Testimonies from Living out the Vision

Saved from Depression – Testimonies from Living out the Vision

Good Morning brethren

Permit us to share this testimony below, just to encourage our hearts and keep the fire burning.

Praise the Lord!
Someone had called our hotlines after listening to an Abuja fm radio programme where one of us at the very end of the show encouraged those that are depressed to call our number for HOPE.

His stated reason for calling was “needed someone to speak up with so as not to sin against God”.

However, suicidal tendencies were picked up from the detailed conversation that ensued so the receiver pressed further, having to call him back when he ran out of airtime. He has been facing financial difficulties with inability to cater for self and family. He was thereafter encouraged with hope specifically ministered to him. You can imagine his condition from his exact words via sms on receiving these tokens:

N200 airtime: “Tank u very very much ma. Even wit u words of encouragement and strength. I’m strong. What if u did reject me.? Which is natural, what wil i do.! Ma, God wil bless, guide and protect u more”.

N1000 sent to his account : “Tank u extra ma. Dis is a miracle. I stil dont bliv even if it’s real. -if somtin did tel me dat there’r real people dis-much, i could doubt. I tank God 4 His mercies. God bless u more. Tank u ma”.

He was then visited by the CMDA Nigeria Gwagwalada brethren the next day with food stuffs, and the man opened up further on his plight. He had sent his family to the village due to hardship, unable to pay for his daughter’s 15k JSS exam fee, stopped going to church for 3 years etc. He has been contemplating suicide for awhile but held back, being aware and afraid of impending hellfire. He even showed one of the sms he had earlier sent to the wife hinting her of his intention. He had travelled to a trailer settling area few days ago, with the intention of running into a moving one but didnt know what held him back.

The CMDA Nigeria Gwagwalada brethren are continuing followup as we trust God to restore the life of this man and his family unto Him.

Glory to God for working out amazing things through the household of CMDA.

Brethren, the mission fields for us is changing and we all must arise to play our part in whatever way or however the Master would need us to. Lets be sensitive to this move of God and be ready to key in.