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CMDA Nigeria Webinar series March edition enlightened members on “Mental Health consequences of the economic situation in Nigeria”. The speaker Dr. Aniweta Chiagozikam provided clarification on poor parenting as a major mental health consequence of the economic situation in Nigeria.

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Join us for the CMDA Nigeria Global Network general meeting,

🗓️ Date: April 27th, 2024
🕑 Time: 2 pm EST
🎙️ Theme: “Taking Up Our Cross and Follow Him”
📍 Venue: Zoom

Join us for an insightful session as we delve into the theme of commitment and faith. Don’t miss out on this enriching experience!

NB: The link for the meeting will be shared on our WhatsApp platforms.


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The Zonal Prayer and Missions Conference is here! Hope you have registered and are fully prepared to attend
Psalms 92:10, 2 Peter 1:3, Zechariah 4:2-6

• Western Zonal prayer and mission conference 2024 (WZPMC)
 Date: 12-14th April
 Venue: Children Evangelism Ministry (CEM) Camp, Eiyenkorin, Kwara State.
 Host Chapter: University of Ilorin Teaching Hospital (UITH)

• Northern Zonal Prayer and Missions Conference 2024 (NZPMC)
 Date: 10-12th May
 Venue: NYSC Permanent Orientation Camp, Wamako
 Host Chapter: Usman Danfodiyo University Teaching Hospital (UDUTH)

• Eastern Zonal Prayer and Missions Conference 2024 (EZPMC)
 Date: 10-12th May
 Venue: Redeemed Christian Church of God, Provincial Headquarters, Nnewi
 Host Chapters: Nnamdi Azikiwe University Teaching Hospital and Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Teaching Hospital Anambra State.


The 6JnC Pre-Conference Multi-Simultaneous Missions Outreach is about 100 days from now, have you Volunteered?
The Mission Outreaches are scheduled to be held around Abuja and environs as follows:
• Rural Medical Outreach – 24th August, 2024
• Orphanage Home Outreach – 25th August, 2024
• Hospital Evangelism – 26th August, 2004
• Motor Park Medical Outreach – 27th August, 2024
Volunteers needed:
• Medical Practitioners
• Non-Medical Practitioners
• Counsellors

To give:
Bank Name: Guarantee Trust Bank
Account Number: 0540187318 (Naira), 0540189635 (USD)
You can also give and join in creating awareness for this task of our Master Jesus.
Other items you can give: Drugs, Test Kits, Medical equipment, Food items, Hygiene Kits/toiletries, Clothes, shoes, etc.

I encourage you to keep praying for the outreaches as you plan and prepare to participate.

Click the button below to volunteer.

The Lord bless you as you do


CMDA Rivers

CMDA Rivers held its weekly prayer meeting, uniting the entire chapter every Friday morning via the chapter’s Facebook platform. Sub-chapters remained committed to holistic care by conducting hospital evangelism in their respective teaching hospitals.

The RSUTH sub-chapter visited the Postnatal ward on March 12th to share Christ’s love with mothers, while the UPTH sub-chapter reached out to patients in the Paediatric surgery ward on March 21st. Additionally, the Doctor’s arm of the chapter supported the student’s arm in their Wholeness Mission at Eberikpoko School Field in Abua Odua LGA, on March 23, 2024. Towards the end of the month, the RSUTH chapter welcomed House Officers into the family at the Surgery Seminar Room, RSUTH.


CMDA Uyo family gathered for its monthly meeting, hosting an Easter special fellowship themed “HEALING STRIPES.” The agenda included prayer sessions for patients in hospitals and support for brethren preparing for professional exams. Notable activities at the meeting included a praise and worship session, Word exaltation, and communal prayer. The gathering took place at the Pediatrics Seminar Room, UUTH Uyo, on March 15th, with active participation from both the doctors’ chapter and students’ arm.



CMDA Cross River family conducted bi-weekly prayer meetings on WhatsApp. Both doctors and students participated in a prayer walk on March 9th, followed by a gathering at the CMDA Command Centre, 1 CMDA Avenue UCTH CBD, on March 21st for the monthly meeting. The focus was primarily on praying for upcoming exams and inaugurating LOC for Wholeness Missions. The family also engaged in hospital evangelism at the Medical wards of UCTH on March 27, 2024.


Imo chapter members convened at Dr. Udoyang’s residence for their monthly meeting on March 17th. The meeting featured a Clinical presentation on Hypertensive Disorders in Pregnancy by Dr. PDM Njemanze and a word exhortation by Dr. Mbata.


CMDA Abia State chapter conducted its monthly meeting themed “Understanding the Vision” at Roots Restaurant and Café on March 9th.


CMDA NAUTH held its monthly congress at the NAUTH Clinical Building, focusing on the theme exposition for the year “A Light to the Nations.” Led by Dr. Nonso Emegoakor, the event brought together doctors and students for fellowship.


CMDA Ebonyi held its joint monthly meeting for doctors and students at the Cooperative Hall, AEFUTHA, in the last week of March.


The brethren in Enugu gathered for a joint fellowship of doctors and students at the NOHE Conference Hall on March 17th. The fellowship primarily featured a Logo Exploration session. Other activities included a Secretariat Project Briefing, Sub-Chapter Reports, Subscription Updates, and a review of the NEC 2024 Report.



At the Federal Medical Centre Abeokuta (FMCA), CMDA brethren gathered at the FMCA Chapel on March 14th, lifting their voices in prayer to the “God of all Flesh,” the theme for the prayer meeting. The following day, the chapter embarked on an outreach to Grammar Junior Secondary School, Abeokuta South, delivering a career talk, health talk, sex education, and word exhortation to the children at the school’s assembly ground.

Building on the success of the school outreach, the chapter energetically conducted a Medical Outreach at the Ojere community in collaboration with Winner’s Chapel later in the month, caring for the spirit, soul, and body of the people in the community.


CMDA Family in Ife maintained their standard for prayer meetings with regular weekly gatherings and a monthly fellowship at the Chapel of Grace, OAUTHC, on March 8th. At this service, they were inspired by Dr. Ajibola Brown’s message on “Peace in the Storm.”

The chapter conducted a successful Rural Medical Outreach in the Abagbooro community, Ife Central. Day 1 of the mission, tagged “ABAGBOORON for Christ,” the outreach began with an opening prayer, followed by a prayer session for healing. Three healthcare sessions were held, accompanied by question and answer sessions. A sermon was delivered, resulting in 18 individuals giving their lives to Christ. They were then handed over to the resident pastor of the community for follow up. The day concluded with the selection of patients for surgery, which took place on the second day of the outreach. The two-day rural outreach, held from March 22nd to 23rd, gave the chapter reasons to thank the lord for His mercies and provisions on the success of the mission.

CMDA luth

CMDA members at LUTH held regular weekly prayer meetings online via Google Meet. Early in the month, House Officers of the chapter invited LUTH Chapter members to a unique fellowship at the Chapel of Transfiguration. The session, titled “The Saline Process: How to Share the Faith without Crossing Boundaries (Hypertonic),” featured an exhortation and a discussion led by Dr. Durojaye Oluwafemi. They discussed the importance of faith in healthcare, barriers, opportunities for being Christian witnesses in the healthcare system, and Christian medics’ role.

At the end of the month, the chapter gathered again at the Chapel of Transfiguration for its monthly meeting, hosting a handover and Transition Ceremony for the new leadership. Additionally, in partnership with the Foundation for Students Mission, the chapter successfully conducted a rural medical outreach at Itawo Village, Epe, Lagos, on March 30, 2024.


CMDA Nigeria’s Edo SHMB chapter held its general monthly meeting at the Methodist Church of Nigeria, Benin-Sapele road, on March 1st, themed “The Awakening.” The gathering marked a reawakening for the CMDA family, fostering communion and camaraderie among members


The brethren in Osogbo convened for their monthly prayer meeting on the first day of the month, later gathering for fellowship at the Chapel of Hope, Uniosun Teaching Hospital. The meeting, themed “Greater Love” from 1 John 15:13, aimed to remind attendees of Jesus Christ’s love, exemplified by His sacrifice for humanity. Dr. Mrs. Oluwatoyin Akinyoade delivered a profound message during the fellowship on the theme.


Doctors and students at Lagos State University Teaching Hospital (LASUTH) participated in a Training Program on “The Place of Spirituality in Medicine” facilitated by Prof. Oludara on March 13, 2024, at the Chapel of St. Luke the Physician. Additionally, the chapter gathered for a virtual prayer meeting via Zoom on the 27th.


CMDA members at LAUTECH convened for their Monthly Meeting focusing on “Maintaining Christian Values in Patient Care” on March 15, 2024, at the LTH Chapel, led by Prof. Olakulehin. Subsequently, a virtual Prayer Meeting was held via Zoom on March 17, 2024.



CMDA Sagamu held Weekly Prayer Meetings consecutively on March 6th, 13th, and 20th, 2024, providing a regular space for spiritual reflection and communal worship.


CMDA Owo held its House Meeting at the chapel on March 7, 2024, offering members the opportunity to fellowship with brethren and unwind at the foot of the cross.



CMDA Oyo held weekly prayer meetings online through Zoom and convened for its first quarter general assembly joint fellowship meeting at Ishaya, Audu Hall, Christ’s Chapel UCH Ibadan, on March 8, 2024. The event featured Professor K.S. Adedapo speaking on “Professional Breakthrough against All Odds.”

In collaboration with House on the Rock Harvest House Ibadan, CMDA Oyo volunteers conducted a free medical outreach at No.35 Awolowo Avenue, Bodija Ibadan, and collaborated with the Christian Lawyers Fellowship of Nigeria Ibadan Branch for a Prisons Outreach at Agodi Correctional Service Centre, Ibadan, on March 28th, 2024.


FETHI CMDA members went beyond physical care, visiting the Female Surgical wards of Federal Teaching Hospital, Ido Ekiti for hospital evangelism. They shared the gospel, offered prayers, and distributed welfare packages to patients. Recognizing the need for continual growth, CMDA Family members in Ido Ekiti convened virtually via Google Meet to listen attentively to Dr. Mrs. Folashade Daniel’s teachings on “Excelling in Life as Christian Medics: Striking a Balance Between Career and Family” on March 29.


In Delta, CMDA doctors at the Federal Medical Centre Asaba conducted their monthly program by visiting hospital wards for evangelism, sharing the good news of salvation and healing with patients


CMDA family at Unimed Teaching Hospital Complex, Ondo state met virtually via Google Meet for its monthly meeting. The meeting featured Dr. Gbala Micheal who spoke on the topic “The Japa Phenomenon Vs Medical Practice in Nigeria” on March 27, 2024.




CMDA members at FMC Bida, Niger state, held prayer meetings at the Praisefield Chapel. On March 9th, they gathered for a family meeting, which included praise and worship, prayers for members and the nation, and discussions on previous minutes. Furthermore, the chapter organized a leadership training and retreat at the FMC Bida Chapel to equip leaders for effective service and seek God’s guidance for their leadership roles.


CMDA Municipal brethren gathered at the National Hospital Chapel for their monthly meeting on March 17th. Dr. John Ekweani delivered a brief message on the “Challenges of Practicing the Vision in Contemporary Times,” followed by a discussion on the theme. The meeting aimed to encourage members to maintain their faith while navigating the challenges in the country. Also, members volunteered to participate in the medical mission aspect of the Yimutu crusade by Harvest of Gospel Campaign on March 16th at the Redeemers Embassy Academy, Yimutu Abuja Nigeria.


The Kebbi chapter continues to grow steadily. Members gathered for fellowship at Ecwa Church Makeran Qwandu on March 9th, 2024. The meeting was dynamic, featuring activities such as a praise and worship session, testimonies, a general overview of the Logo Exploration led by Dr. Hauwa, and an exploration of the activities, vision, and mission of CMDA Nigeria by Dr. Augustine Michael, the mission’s secretary of CMDA Sokoto chapter.


The Taraba chapter of CMDA Nigeria held regular prayer meetings and inaugurated new leaders early in the month. They encouraged members to attend the monthly fellowship at the Chapel FMC Jalingo to study and discuss Logo Exploration


The Keffi chapter gathered online for their weekly prayer meetings via Google Meet. Members then convened for a highly anticipated monthly meeting at the O & G Seminar Room, FMC Keffi. Dr. Jeffrey Davenort delivered an insightful talk on “The Key to Success as a Christian,” providing members with new insights and leaving them better equipped for success.

CMDA Zaria

Doctors and students from CMDA Kaduna, Zaria, convened for their monthly lunch meeting on March 13, 2024, at the ABUTH SHIKA Chapel. The meeting focused on the theme “JAPA SYNDROME & The DILEMMA of The NIGERIAN DOCTOR,” addressing pertinent issues encountered by medical professionals in Nigeria.


In Benue, CMDA members gathered for their monthly breakfast meeting to study Logo Exploration, focusing on discussions about the CROSS guided by the manual.


CMDA Borno chapter convened for its monthly fellowship at the Chapel of Salvation UMTH on March 17th, marking the first meeting of 2024 and the beginning of new leadership. The gathering included praises, prayers, an exhortation by Dr. Chiroma Ijuptil, and discussions on the chapter’s future direction.


CMDA Gombe held its Breakfast Meeting at the Hospital Chapel on March 16, 2024. The meeting included an interactive session on the chapter’s future direction and a review of resolutions from the general council meeting.


“If in this life only we have hope in Christ, we are of all men most miserable.

But now is Christ risen from the dead, and become the firstfruits of them that slept.

For since by man came death, by man came also the resurrection of the dead.

For as in Adam all die, even so in Christ shall all be made alive.

But every man in his own order: Christ the first fruits; afterward they that are Christ’s at his coming.” – 1 Corinthians 15:19-23 Hallelujah!


  1. Faithful Father, God of love we worship you – Rom 8:32, John 3:16
  2. Thank You Lord for Your great sacrifice and liberation of mankind. You alone is worthy of our praises – Rev 5:12-13, Palm 8:4
  3. May your death upon the cross of calvary never become a waste over my life in Jesus name. I receive grace to make an impact for you – 2 Tim 4:7-8, Gen 17:12
  4. We intercede for a set of Christian doctors, fishers of men turned back to fishermen. Receive spiritual insight in Jesus name. Amen – John 21:3
  5. Haven won the battle on our behalf, whatever battle of life confronting any CMDA member is hereby overcome in the mighty name of Jesus – Pill 2:9-10
  6. By the reason of Christ’s resurrection, I command every deadness (be it in your personal life, home or work of your hand) in your lives back to life again in Jesus name – Ezek 37:1, Phil 4:13
  7. Entreat the Lord of the harvest to send in labourers into the field. The field is white and ready for plentiful harvest – Matt 9:37-38
  8. Reciprocate the love of Christ. Pray for the grace to be a vessel of honour in His CMDA vineyard. Here I am, send me Lord – Ish 6:8
  1. Thank You Father for exam successes recorded so far by CMDA members. More of it Lord. Amen – Psalm 107:8-9, Luke 17:11-19
  1. Father, forgive our (Nigeria) sins and heal our land Dear Lord – 2 Chro 7:24






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