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National Council & Leadership Strategy Meeting

CMDA Nigeria Students’ arm held their National Council and Leadership Strategy Meeting at Wholeness House in Gwagwalada, Abuja. The meeting took place from Thursday, 9th, to Sunday, 12th November

The new students’ national executive committee for 2024 includes:

  • National General Secretary: IZOGIE, PRECIOUS OSAMUDIAMEN (AAU/ISTH)
  • National Financial Secretary: ATAGA GREAT (AAU/ISTH)
  • National Editor-in-Chief: FAWOLE, IYELOLUWA GRACE (LTH)
  • National Missions Secretary: OWOYEYE, DAVID OLUWATOMISIN (OAUTHc)
  • National Academic Secretary: ILORI TOMISIN (UATH)
  • National Prayer Secretary: NNAKENYI JUDITH (UPTH)
  • Eastern Zonal Coordinator: NWAMUO HENRY (ABSUTH)
  • Northern Zonal Coordinator: ADAKOLE, CHRISTOPHER NGBEDE (BSUTH)



The inaugural session of the “Starting Strong Level Two” virtual (Zoom) series, designed as a guide to help young doctors (House officers, Corp members, and post NYSC Members) navigate their early careers, took place on the 12th of November with over 160 participants in attendance.

The theme for the premiere event was “Maximizing Your Life,” during which Dr. Chuka Anude delivered a profound presentation, providing insights on discovering God, understanding one’s purpose, developing potentials, and much more. The program allowed participants to ask questions for clarification, which the speaker addressed.

You can watch the recording of the meeting on our YouTube channel: 

For more information about the “Starting Strong” program for young doctors, as well as support and inquiries, please reach out to us via email at [email protected].



The CMDA Nigeria webinar series for the November edition focused on “The Opportunities and Challenges in Global Missions” with Dr. Emeka Okoraofo as the keynote speaker. One of the key points highlighted during the event was that mission hospitals originated from the desire to address the health needs of communities while simultaneously sharing the gospel.

To delve into the insightful discussion, you can watch and listen through the following link:



We are excited to announce that the Season of Giving has begun in November! It’s a special time for everyone to express gratitude for the abundant blessings the Lord has graciously bestowed upon our house. Join us in contributing to the realization of our shared vision during this meaningful Season of Giving.
As emphasized in 2 Corinthians 9:7, “Each of you should give what you have decided in your heart to give, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver.”
Be part of the journey by joining the Chariot today! Your generosity matters. Click HERE to make your heartfelt contribution:

Let’s make this Season of Giving a beautiful testament to gratitude, shared vision, and cheerful generosity!



A chapter faithful to the “Pray without ceasing” instruction, CMDA Rivers met weekly on Fridays via the chapter’s Facebook platform to lift up their voices in one accord to commune with the King of Glory. Also faithful in missions, the two sub Rivers chapters went on Evangelism to Obio-Akpor on the 16th and 21st of the month. The University of Port-Harcourt Teaching Hospital (UPTH) chapter went to the hospital A&E Male and Female Wards for evangelism. The Rivers State University Teaching Hospital (RSUTH) chapter, comprised of doctors and students, in cooperation with other health personnel, visited the Female Medical Ward for its hospital evangelism. They shared tracks, toiletries, and also shared the gospel of Christ with the patients. The in-reach was described as a happy and refreshing moment as souls were saved, rededicated, and healings took place.

The UPTH chapter convened for the last general meeting of the year at the senior staff canteen, with the message on “Starting Strong and Finishing Strong” and the anchor text from 2 Timothy 4:7-8.


In Cross River, the month ushered in the chapter Wholeness Missions Rural Missions, in Effut Community, Creek Town, Calabar. The mission, themed “THY KINGDOM COME,” was a 4-day joint students and doctors outreach from Thursday, 2nd November, to Sunday, 5th November. The chapter gathered its members for a forum meeting at the CMDA Command Centre, 1 CMDA Avenue UCTH. The meeting featured thanksgiving, a meet with the vice president east, and chapter leaders’ handover.


CMDA Enugu met for a joint monthly meeting to study the Logo Exploration at the NOHE Conference Hall. The chapter started its annual Health Week on the last day of November, continuing into December. The event began on the 30th with an opening ceremony at Federal Neuro-psychiatric Hospitals, New Haven, Enugu. The Health week’s theme speaker, Prof. Ken Agu, spoke on the event’s theme “Faithfulness in Stewardship: Focus on Health Workers.” The event also featured a workshop on Training Whole Person Healthcare (Work Ethics) facilitated by Dr. Christian Ijemba. Other activities included CME Lectures on Cancer prevention & treatment options by Dr. Amaka Lasebikan and Stress management in a depressed economy with insecurity by Dr Emeka Nwefoh.

The health week, packed with many activities that continued into December, included a Medical and Surgical Outreach on the 2nd and an Annual Dinner on the 3rd of December.


CMDA Uyo had a joint Wholeness Missions rural outreach with the students’ arm themed “Rivers of Living Water” (John 7:37-38) at Ikot Obio Inyang, Etinan LGA.


Imo chapter members met at Dr. Udoyang’s house for its monthly meeting on the 19th. The event was timely and revitalizing.


The brethren at Bayelsa met online via Google Meet to give thanks to God for how far he had brought them in the year 2023.


CMDA Anambra chapter went on hospital evangelism to the male and female wards NAUTH; the ward evangelism was tagged “I was sick and you visited me” Matt.25.28, making the in-reach an answer to the call of the patients in need of physical and spiritual healing.



CMDA Lagos University Teaching Hospital (LUTH), dedicated to its prayer meeting, didn’t fail to meet weekly via Google Meet to pray as a joint body strengthened in Christ. CMDA Nigeria LUTH chapter participated in two outreaches in November. The chapter collaborated with Christ Chapel International Church Isolo center for urban missions at Oke-Afa, Isolo community, supporting with medical consultations and dispensing of drugs. They were able to reach out to 264 persons.

 For the second outreach, the chapter partnered with Kingdom Outreach International Ministry for rural missions at Apa Badagry. It was a worthy testimony to note that over 100 persons were reached, and a soul was won for the Kingdom of Christ.

The brethren in LUTH, after a busy month, met at the Chapel of Transfiguration to welcome the new House Officers into CMDA Nigeria LUTH Chapter.


CMDA Osun chapter met at the Chapel of Hope, Uniosun Teaching Hospital, for its monthly meeting. Dr. Hezekiah Akinyemi, the event’s speaker, spoke to the doctors and students on the topic “Looking Forward with Hope.” It was an uplifting fellowship, encouraging chapter members to set their hope in Christ amidst challenges and renew their faith as a new year draws near.


CMDA Oyo LAUTECH chapter organized a hospital in-reach to visit the female medical, surgical, and orthopedic wards of LAUTECH Teaching Hospital. The evangelism opened the door for prayers, presentation of gifts, and one-on-one evangelism to the patients, praying for their healing and salvation. They convened a few days later via Zoom for a general prayer meeting for thanksgiving and to make their requests known to heaven.


Starting the month strong, CMDA Kwara answered the call to partner with Kings & Priests Ministry for a Medical Outreach at the Maximum Impact Centre, Agric Centre Ilorin. In compliance with the request and the success of the outreach, CMDA Kwara received The Partner of Hope Award plaque from the Kings and Priest Ministries.

CMDA Kwara gathered for its monthly meeting virtually via Google Meet with CMDA Oyo in participation. The meeting’s topic was “The Christian Doctor and Current Economic Reality.” The speaker, Prof. Folu Ologe, addressed the topic from various angles, including the message from 2 Corinthians 3:9 on Christ becoming poor so that we might become rich and Philippians 4:19 on God supplying all our needs according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus, amongst other key points, realities, and Biblical principles. Members left the meeting encouraged, hopeful, and inspired for better economic realities.


CMDA Nigeria FMC Abeokuta chapter convened at the FMCA Chapel for a day of prayer to fellowship as brethren and commune as one with the Father in heaven. Later in the month, they met again at the chapel for the end-of-year 2023 thanksgiving, handover to the new chapter execs for the years 2023-2025, and other activities. The theme for the thanksgiving service, “The Glory of The Latter House,” was coined from Haggai 2:9. The guest speaker, Dr. Oluwadare Esan, focused the message on this theme, after which they prayed for the new and outgoing execs.


CMDA Osun chapter met at the Chapel of Hope, Uniosun Teaching Hospital, for its monthly meeting. Dr. Hezekiah Akinyemi, the event’s speaker, spoke to the doctors and students on the topic “Looking Forward with Hope.” It was an uplifting fellowship, encouraging chapter members to set their hope in Christ amidst challenges and renew their faith as a new year draws near.


CMDA OOUTH SAGAMU, believing in the uniting power of prayers, gathered at the Children’s Chapel, OOUTH for a monthly prayer meeting, inviting not only members but all Christian doctors to come together and pray. Sagumu brethren met once again at the end of the month for fellowship and to induct new members into the doctors’ arm of CMDA Nigeria.


CMDA Owo kept to its monthly fellowship and gathered for fellowship in the first week of the month to strengthen one’s faith and receive grace from above to continue the good fight.


CMDA Oyo brethren carried out a two-day surgical outreach in partnership with Calvary Club at Oyedeji Village off Igbooloyin. They convened at the Ishaya Audu Hall, Christ Chapel, OCH for Solemn Assembly and to hand over the leadership to the new execs.


Ado Ekiti chapter had its general conference at the Art Seminar Room, bringing members together to learn about the CMDA Logo and the meanings of its components. They also prayed, praised, and delved into the light of God’s word.


CMDA LASUTH gathered together to pray as a family at the chapel of St. Luke the Physician for a monthly prayer meeting. For its monthly meeting, they met again at the chapel two weeks later to explore the significance of the cross and what the cross and the towel signify.


CMDA Osun chapter met at the Chapel of Hope, Uniosun Teaching Hospital, for its monthly meeting. Dr. Hezekiah Akinyemi, the event’s speaker, spoke to the doctors and students on the topic “Looking Forward with Hope.” It was an uplifting fellowship, encouraging chapter members to set their hope in Christ amidst challenges and renew their faith as a new year draws near.


ILE IFE CMDA chapter met every Sunday in November for weekly prayer meetings. They also gathered for a family meeting at the Pediatrics Department Seminar Room, where the minister for the event, Dr. Segun Ijarotimi, spoke on the topic “We are Children of the Great Physician.” The chapter supported Living Hope Healthcare for a two-phase medical outreach: a general medical care phase on the 17th-18th and a surgical phase on the 24th-25th. The outreach took place at the Wanikin community, Ife.


Ido Ekiti CMDA chapter, in collaboration with Grace for Impact medical outreach and Agbeyewa, went for the second leg of the 2023 annual free medical outreach at Ipao, Oke Ako, and Esun. The two-day outreach was themed “Caring Touch,” and the chapter supported the outreach with free medical consultations and minor surgeries, fulfilling the CMDA Nigeria pledge #mypartiwillplay].

At the end of the month, the chapter gathered both its doctors and students for the end-of-year thanksgiving service at the hospital chapel, FETHI. The special fellowship, tagged “Thanksgiving and Testimony Meeting,” granted members the opportunity to testify to the Lord’s faithfulness in their lives and receive words of exhortation from Dr. Alabi.



CMDA Taraba regularly held weekly prayer meetings via Zoom, recognizing the importance of prayer. The meetings were tagged “MEN OUGHT TO PRAY,” and the chapter faithfully convened every Tuesday to pray.


The Keffi chapter began its month with a virtual prayer meeting, bringing various concerns before heaven through their weekly prayer meetings. In the first week, the chapter partnered with Christ Resurrection Hospital Chapel for a joint medical outreach at Angwan Nimzo, Primary HealthCare Center Keffi. The outreach featured surgeries, lab tests, consultations, eye and dental care, counseling, and prayers.

In the second week, the chapter gathered for a family meeting at the conference hall FMC Keffi, focusing on “Exploring Career Pathways in Medicine,” with CME points available, and lunch served at the end of the fellowship.


CMDA FCT had a fun fest as it mobilized all its members and their families from the six different area councils in the FCT for a weekend hangout at Wholeness House from the 24th to the 26th of November. It was an all-round fun weekend starting with a series of board games and a film show on Friday, exercise, dance devotion, table tennis and volleyball tournaments, indoor games, and fun activities. A talk session, barbecue, and much fun on Saturday with enough meals for everyone. The hangout paved the way for a lot of bonding, connections, reflections, exciting, and happy moments for the CMDA FCT members.


CMDA Bida chapter maintained its weekly prayer meeting schedule, coming to pray together as a family. In addition to that, they added a daily individual prayer chain for the success of their outreach later in the month, tagged “SACHI FOR CHRIST.” They convened for their monthly breakfast meeting on the 11th at Praisefeild Chapel.

They also met again at Praisefield Chapel FMCB (Federal Medical Centre Bida) daily for three days to collectively fast and pray for the Sachi Outreach. After general and individual prayers and fasting towards the success of the outreach, the Medio-Surgical Outreach at Sachi community, Niger State, saw a massive turnout from members who came to ensure the advancement of the Kingdom of God in the medical, spiritual, and physical lives of the people in the Sachi community.


CMDA Plateau students, and doctors gathered for a breakfast meeting at Faith Alive Hospital, Jos. The focus of the meeting was to emphasize the need for an improved relationship with God and empowerment for fulfilling God-given assignments. The event’s theme was “Necessity for Spiritual Growth,” with Dr. Jeneral Alfinas as the speaker. The event was also streamed online via Zoom for members who were not physically present.

Two days later, the doctors’ arm, in collaboration with New Life for All Missions, went on a 3-day urban mission at Jos South, Bassa LGA, reaching out to over 1000 persons.


The Adamawa CMDA Nigeria chapter gathered for its monthly fellowship in the second week of the month at the Hospital chapel, MAUTH. The meeting featured intense prayers, singing, and a message by Dr. Vahyla Kumanda, raising the faith of members and encouraging them to remain strong.


Zaria, Kaduna CMDA chapter organized and met at the CMDA Chapel Zaria for a Lunch meeting on the 8th of the Month. The meeting aimed to be fun for the members, with indoor games featured in the program. Later in the month, they met virtually via Zoom for a prayer meeting.


CMDA Kogi met for its monthly meeting at the FTH chapel, Lokoja. Capro officials were present as guest speakers for the fellowship, speaking on the “Challenges of Missions in Our Days.”


FTH Katsina chapter brethren gathered to fellowship together on the 24th of the month.


The Benue chapter partnered with Remnant Christian Network (RCN) for a medical outreach, a pre-conference outreach of the Festival of Glory. The outreach was a two-day event at the RCN Embassy George Akume road Markudi, reaching out to the medical needs of the people through free HIV, Hepatitis B & C, and blood glucose tests. Consultations, drugs, primary, and health services were also provided.

    1. Sing a new song unto the Lord – Psalm 28:7
    2. Let us thank God for His faithfulness towards you and the household of CMDA – 1 Thess 5:16-18, Joshua 21:45, Psalms 103:4
    3. Thank God for what He has done so far through us in CMDA and for what He will yet do through us – Phil 1:6, John 1:3, Col 1:16
    4. Thank God for protection and deliverance wrought for us from January till date over all CMDA members and their families – 1 Isaiah 59:19
    5. Let us rejoice in God because we know he is going to perfect all that concerns us as pertaining to the remaining days of the year – Phil 1:6, Ps 138:8
    6. Let us declare that the peace of the Lord continually reigns in our individual lives – Ps. 122:6-8
    7. We declare the spread of the gospel to the ends of the earth even in this season. We pray that more labourers are sent into the field of souls – Matthew 9:38, Acts 19:20
    8. Let us declare that the year is crowned with abundance for us all – Ps 65:11-12
    9. Thank God for preserving His church. He has not allowed the gates of hell prevail against the church – Matthew 16:18
    10. Thank God for the great plans He has for Nigeria even in the midst of challenges. We see Nigeria becoming great again by faith – Jeremiah 29:11, Lamentations 3:22-23

    Appreciate God for answers to prayers – 1 John 5:14



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