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Prescription #38


His Servant and Yours,
Chima Onoka
CEO, CMDA Nigeria


The first session of the basic course of the Institute for Excellence in Healthcare and Leadership (IfEHL) for 2023. The training, held in the Wholeness House facility, from 21st to 28th April, had 25 young medical doctors, including a consultant.

The staff of the CMDA Nigeria Secretariat hosted the training, providing administrative, welfare, technical, and media support. Participants were taken through a set of modular sessions, engaged in recreational activities, shared sumptuous meals, participated in a worship session at the University of Abuja Teaching Hospital Chapel, and visited the adjoining community to carry out research activities. By the end of the training, testimonies were shared, loads of lessons learnt, new relationships forged, and all involved were grateful for the transforming encounter of the IfEHL experience.

The training has been described by the participants as an inspiring, unforgettable experience. With the help of our sponsors, partners, and dear facilitators, the training was a huge success for God’s glory. Having sent forth the participants (the Gideon Generation) to ‘Go and do Likewise’ (to represent Christ), we eagerly wait to see the impact that God will use them to make in the days ahead. It is our earnest desire that these fresh inductees will live up to all that is expected of them after such a memorable encounter.


The Secretariat also provided technical support for the month of April. The topic discussed was the recently proposed 5-year bill seeking to ensure that freshly inducted medical doctors practice in Nigeria for a minimum of 5 years before being granted full practicing licenses.

The thought-provoking discourse which centered on the implication of this bill for the Doctor, the Nigerian Health system, and the Christian Doctor’s response was moderated by Dr. Ayo Ogunmodede and facilitated by Prof. Gbenga Mokuolu. Details of the Zoommeeting have been uploaded on the official CMDA YouTube channel for members to revisit and share with others in their respective social media communities.


The CMDA Global family held their first (virtual) global meeting (of all the regions) for the year on 22nd April 2023,and the members of the secretariat were available to provide technical support. The meeting which had about 12 participants in attendance was well-coordinated and membersenjoyed a lavish session of fellowship with one another andfellow brethren across the various regions.

The Chairman Dr. Chuka Anude emphasized the need to integrate the younger generation of Christian doctors coming into the diaspora to practice into the CMDA Global family to provide spiritual support and mentorship. Other regional updates were given and the meeting ended on a good note and was adjourned till further notice.



CMDA Rivers chapter, diligent in weekly prayers, organized a breakfast meeting for members at the University of Port Harcourt Teaching (UPTH) Chapel premises on the 14th of the month. The topic for the event was “THE STEWARD’S REWARD,” with Dr. Friday Aaron as the speaker.


CMDA DELSUTH’s doctors’ arm recently convened for a much-anticipated get-together on July 7, 2023, at DELSUTH. This gathering held special significance as it marked the first meeting of its kind in a while, rekindling the sense of unity among the members. The event featured a diverse program, including an opening prayer, moments of praise and worship, introductions of guests, opening remarks, a meaningful message, collective prayers, discussions on upcoming meeting days and refreshments, closing remarks, a heartwarming family song, and a concluding benediction. The presence of Professor Peter Ebeigbe and the participation of both doctors and students made this occasion truly special. The meeting not only served as a platform for reconnecting but also reignited a sense of love and togetherness among the doctors.


CMDA Anambra in partnership with RCCG UTUH on the 7th and 8th of April joined hands for missions in Utuh, Nnewi South LGA. On the 29th of the month the chapter met for a Joint State Congress Themed; A Burning & A Shining Light, with the venue of the event at Gilbert Metu Uzodike Auditorium.


The students’ arm of CMDA Umuahia, with the help of volunteer doctors from the doctors’ arm, held its 2023 Rural Medical Outreach in Etitt Akanu Ngwa community, Abia state. The outreach was themed “NEW BEGINNING,” with reference from Isaiah 43:18-19 and Ezekiel 19. The students and doctors conducted free medical checkups, counseling, surgeries, and also shared the undiluted Word of God.


CMDA Bayelsa chapter called its members (doctors and students) for a general meeting at the FMC Multi-purpose hall. The purpose of the meeting was to have a love feast, election/handover, and to hear from the Lord. The super-packed event was themed “A NEW DAWN” and facilitated by Prof. Kenneth Ordu.



CMDA LAUTECH hosted the chapters’ joint doctors and students conference at the LTH Chapel on the 13th of October. The conference’s theme was “FULFILLING DIVINE PURPOSE IN LIFE AND CAREER.” Ministering at the fellowship was Dr. EA Amao, who admonished them that there is God’s ordained purpose for their lives and how to fulfill it. It was an awesome time for the doctors and students in God’s presence.


CMDA LUTH, in partnership with Fruitwomb Ministry/Latter Life Ministries, went on Urban missions in Ikeja at Omotola Plaza at the onset of the month. The outreach reached out to over 100 people, and activities included the ministration of the Word of God, deworming of children, blood pressure and glucose checks, medical consultations, and drug prescriptions. Relief items and gifts were shared at the outreach, which was a huge success.

Weekly prayer meetings were held, and on the 25th, the chapter met at the Chapel of Transfiguration for another inspiring Logo Exploration session, continuing the discussion on the tools of service as CMDA Doctors in Hospitals from the previous month.


The FMCA chapter met for its monthly meeting to fellowship together as CMDA Doctors and also to celebrate the house officers completing their housemanship. Dr. Akindipe delivered the message for the day to the doctors while also appreciating the house officers for their contributions to the hospital and the chapter, advising them to maintain relationships. As faithful kingdom stewards, the chapter collaborated with Four square students’ fellowship for an Outreach in Ajebo town.


CMDA LAUTECH hosted the chapters’ joint doctors and students conference at the LTH Chapel on the 13th of October. The conference’s theme was “FULFILLING DIVINE PURPOSE IN LIFE AND CAREER.” Ministering at the fellowship was Dr. EA Amao, who admonished them that there is God’s ordained purpose for their lives and how to fulfill it. It was an awesome time for the doctors and students in God’s presence.


CMDA Ile Ife had a great month, meeting weekly to pray together as a family on Sundays, building up their faith and spirit. They also convened for a general family meeting at UCHC, Eleyele, Ile Ife. The event, themed “The Marks of A Daniel – Prophetic, Professional, And Fathered,” was delivered to them by God’s vessel, Dr. Soji Onabanjo, bringing the undiluted Word of God to his people, which was a blessing to the chapter.


CMDA FETHI commenced the month with a prayer meeting at the hospital Christian Chapel, petitioning the Strong One to move His mighty hand on their behalf. They tagged the meeting “JEHOVAH EL-GIBBOR MILCHAMAH (The Lord Mighty in Battle)” based on Rev 12:7-8. Later in the month, the chapter reconvened at the chapel for a general house meeting during which they studied Logo Exploration, graced by Dr. Abolarin, the event facilitator.


CMDA OWO organized and held its monthly house meeting at the hospital chapel on the 19th of October. The Chapter rounded the month grandly by collaborating once again with GOFAMINT for an annual outreach at Gospel Faith Mission, Alafia Assembly.


The Ado Ekiti chapter had its monthly general conference, a hybrid meeting at the Art Building of Eksuth and virtually through Zoom. They were excited to listen to God’s vessel, Dr. Wuraola, on the topic “Occupy Till I Come” based on Luke 19:12-27.


CMDA Osogbo brethren gathered at the UTH Osogbo chapel for their monthly meeting, taking place on the 20th. The meeting’s message centered on “The Spirit of Excellence” and was tagged as a pertinent discussion that would help them in their clinical duties and other aspects of life.


Irrua Chapter held a special prayer meeting for those preparing for part 1 & 11 examinations to receive a seal of God’s favor on them. The prayer meeting was themed “Divinely Favored” and took place at the GOPD ISTH early in the month.



FCT Municipal CMDA Nigeria brethren’s desire to study Logo Exploration is very admirable and inspiring. The chapter gathered once again at the National Hospital chapel. The focus of the session was on the Syringe Reliability. The members had a lot to discuss and take home, including the idea that “Reliability opens doors but also comes with responsibility.” They pondered, “Can God trust you to be reliable as you climb the ladder of power or when you are outside the believers’ circle?” They also considered how “your reliability should be able to draw more souls to Christ and always be sure of who you’re carrying inside and who you’re representing.” It was a wonderful session for the brethren.


The singles and married couples of CMDA Taraba had an interesting and interactive monthly meeting in October. The chapter convened at the FMC Chapel in Jalingo to discuss and receive the original blueprints from the manufacturer himself on “Handling Pre-Marital & Marital Relationships as A Doctor”. The singles and married got answers to questions such as who to marry, how to balance relationships with partners, and how to enhance/spice their relationships. They also got to understand that marriage is a beautiful institution created by God for companionship, friendship, and also an equipping to enhance one’s fulfillment of purpose while listening to Dr. Chukwma and Wife, Dr. Aboki Theophilus and Wife, Dr. Akafa Gideon and Wife, and Dr. & Dr. Mrs. Abdulrahman T. Fofie.


For CMDA Plateau, October was a cherished month. The new month ushered in the long-prepared Joint IDPs Mangu Missions Outreach between the BHUTH & JUTH CMDA Chapter and JINKAI Intervention Global Initiatives (CAPRO) in collaboration. Prayers for the outreach carried on through the 5th and 6th, a joint prayer and fasting held via Google Meet by 7 pm. On the 7th, with a total of 138 doctors, students, lab scientists, and volunteers, the Rural Outreach commenced and the result was overwhelming.

At the course of the outreach, over 1,100 people were reached in medical care, dental care, welfare, and the gospel of Christ, handing over the new converts to the resident pastors for follow-up. At the end of the outreach, the chapter had enough testimonies to give God thanks for His provision and the success of the entire outreach.

Faith Alive Hospital hosted the chapter’s October breakfast meeting edition. The event centered on CME (Continuing Medical Education) training. 5 MDCN CME units were made available. The topics for the training were; Neonatal Jaundice, Management of low back pain, Evaluating a patient with lower urinary tract symptoms, Management of post-partum hemorrhage, and Management of hypertensive emergencies. The meeting was pivotal to the growth of the members in their careers and caring for the whole man.


CMDA Kogi brethren met at the Federal Medical Center Chapel in Lokoja to fellowship together. For the exhortation, they received God’s message on “Marriage & Medical Carrier: Maintaining a balance” through God’s vessel Dr. Olukotu.


CMDA Bida community met regularly via Zoom for their weekly prayer meeting. In the 2nd half of the month, they gathered for a breakfast meeting at the Praisefield chapel, a moment of bonding and receiving strength from the Lord.


CMDA Nasarawa Keffi chapter faithful in prayers met every Thursday by 8 pm to pray together as a family via Google Meet. In the second week of the month, the chapter convened at the FMC Keffi conference hall for her monthly meeting. The meeting featured a Logo Exploration session with the Focus on the National Flag, its symbolism, and relevance to the members. CME Points were available, and later, lunch was served to strengthen them.


The doctors’ arm of the chapter collaborated with the students’ arm for Wholeness Missions in October, a Rural Medical Outreach for the people of Gujuba Village, AKKO LGA, Gombe state. The outreach’s theme was “the Go and Make Disciples of All Nations” (Matthew 28:19), which was an energizing message leading the charge of the mission. The outreach reached over 500 people, featuring free consultations, drugs, welfare packages, and most importantly, the word of God, where souls were recovered for Christ.



The Americas Regional In-Person meeting held in Atlanta was a remarkable and memorable event. The gathering served as an opportunity for members of CMDA Nigeria Global Network in the Americas region to come together, connect, and foster a sense of community and belonging.

Food Pantry: One of the notable aspects of the Atlanta meeting was the establishment of a food pantry. The CMDA Nigeria Global Network organized a food pantry initiative, where members brought non-perishable food items to contribute to the less fortunate in the local community. This act of charity demonstrated our commitment to giving back and serving the broader community.

Medical Outreach: Another important aspect of the event was a medical outreach program. This initiative allowed healthcare professionals within the region to offer their medical expertise and services to those in need. Free medical checkups and consultations were provided, benefitting both the CMDA Nigeria Global Network members and the local community.


The United Kingdom (UK) regional fellowship meeting was another significant event within our network. This meeting provided an opportunity for CMDA Nigeria Global Network members in the UK to come together and foster a sense of community.


The global general meeting took place on Zoom. This online meeting provided an excellent opportunity for approximately 75 people to connect from different regions and share fellowship and refreshing moments of prayers and worship.

  • Thank You Jesus that the household of CMDA had no cause to sorrow over Max Air accident – Psalm 65:1-2; 22:2-5
  • We appreciate You Lord, for successes recorded so far in the fellowship examinations – Psalm 103:1-2
  • Confess your inadequacies and that of your household before God and ask for forgiveness and the grace to sin no more – 1 John 1:9, Ish 59:2
  • Jesus fulfilled all that was written about Him in the book of life, help CMDA Nigeria to do more exploits and fulfill destiny – Luke 4:17-21, Ish 60:1-end, Gen 12:1-2
  • Pray that the Spirit of supplication will come upon every CMDA member – Luke 18:1, 1 Thess. 5:17
  • We pray for revival once again Lord.
    – Rekindle the fire of evangelism in us.
    – May we recognise our consultation tables as our pulpits.
    – We receive the grace to be more sensitive to the Holy Spirit.
    – We pray for the grace for members to operate in the supernatural as doctors – Matt 28:18-20, Rom 8:14
  • Pray for divine supplies for CMDA Nigeria projects at all levels: chapter, state, zonal and national. We serve a God of abundance and He is not a God of abandoned projects – 2 Cor 9:8, Psalm 37:25
  • We pray for as many members that got disappointed somehow in this fellowship Exam, affliction shall not rise itself again in their life. Comfort them and grant unto them victory in the next attempt. Amen – Nahum 1:9
  • Help nurse Nigeria to health by right leadership and the fear of God in the heart of the populace – Isaiah 49:24-25; 61:1-3
  • We pray against every spirit of discouragement and distractions concerning christian faith. Draw men to yourself Dear Lord – 2 Cor 2:1


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