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In December CMDA Nigeria hosted two (2) significant virtual events.

First Virtual Event

The December Webinar titled “Reducing Abortion pt. 2 (When Does Life Begin?)” with Dr. Calum Miller.

He provided clarification on the commencement of life and emphasized the significance of minimizing abortion.

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Second Virtual Event

The Starting Strong 2, designed for young doctors, centered on “Maximizing Your Life 2,” with Dr. Chuka Anude.

He emphasized the significance of relationships and mentorship in achieving life’s full potential.

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We are glad to inform you that recruitment of members of the Cluster Levites Team for 2024 has begun.

The Three arms of Engagement for volunteers will include:

✅ Cluster Leadership Training

✅ Logo Exploration

✅ Starting Strong Program

Members of the team are expected to serve as facilitators for any or all of the above.

Who is to fill the form?

– Past School Executives who have graduated

– Past Class Executives who have graduated

– Past and Present Students National Executives

– Members and Leaders of Drs Arm Chapters

Kindly fill out the form through this link

God bless you as avail yourself for the Lord’s service once again.

Thank you.


Join Us for the CMDA Nigeria 6th Joint Conference: IMPACT- Share, Serve, Shine

In the annals of Christian Medical gatherings in Nigeria, 2024 is poised to be a historic milestone. The much-anticipated 6th Joint Conference of the Christian Medical and Dental Association of Nigeria (CMDA Nigeria)  is on the horizon, bringing together the dynamic trio of the Association:

Doctors’ Arm
Student’s Arm
CMDA Nigeria Global Network

Save the Dates: August 28th to August 31st, 2024
Mark your calendars and gear up for an unparalleled experience at the CMDA Nigeria 6th Joint Conference. This four-day event promises to be a melting pot of knowledge, fellowship, and inspiration, uniting healthcare professionals, students, and the global diaspora community.

Theme: IMPACT – Share, Serve, Shine
The central theme of this conference encapsulates the essence of our collective mission. We are poised to make a lasting impact through sharing, serving, and shining our light in the medical and dental field.

Come August 2024, history will be made.

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In Rivers, the entire CMDA family, including students, doctors, and families, convened at Elpida Pro Seniore in Port-Harcourt for its annual love feast themed “Unto Us, A Child is Born.” The event featured a quiz session, drama, music, and a message, the essence of the love feast’s to remind members of the reason for the season and the role of Jesus in caring for the whole man. It was a beautiful reunion for CMDA Rivers. Additionally, they met online weekly for prayer.


Continuing the Health Week initiated in November, CMDA Enugu conducted a two-day rural medical and surgical outreach at Obinagu village square, Amechi Idodo community, Nkanu East LGA, Enugu. The outreach, including a two-day evening crusade, resulted in 8 surgeries, over 250 consultations with drug distribution, 80 eye consultations, and 60 glasses provided. Additionally, welfare materials were distributed, many were counseled, and records of won souls were documented. Ending the health week, the chapter gathered for an annual dinner to feast and give thanks to the Lord for the success of the health week and the year.


CMDA Ebonyi chapter kicked off December with a rural outreach in Echalike, Ikwo LGA, Ebonyi. The one-day outreach had a massive impact on the community, reaching 415 individuals through medical consultations, eye care, surgeries, distribution of welfare materials, and sharing the gospel of Christ. A remarkable record of 120 persons gave their lives to Christ. The grateful community expressed a desire for more such outreaches in the local government area.

Later in the month, CMDA Ebonyi doctors and students gathered for a joint Love Feast at Cooperative Hall, FETHA II, to feast, share testimonies, and express gratitude for the year’s success.


CMDA Uyo chapter convened at the UUTH chapel for its end-of-the-year thanksgiving and dinner to welcome the new house officers, medical officers, and resident doctors into CMDA Nigeria.


With the joy of the year-end and Christmas celebrations all around, members of CMDA Anambra chapter met with their families for a Love Feast at NAUTH College Auditorium on the 16th. To enjoy the pleasures of brethren dwelling together in unity.



CMDA Cross River doctors and students had a joint picnic meeting at the UCTH open field to unwind and celebrate another year of God’s faithfulness.


CMDA Umuahia brethren organized and met at Roots Café and Restaurant for its end-of-the-year get-together, coming together as a family to thank God and celebrate the success of the year 2023.


CMDA IMO family gathered to welcome new officers and residents, integrating them into the Wholness vision and mission. The welcome service took place at the multipurpose hall in FUTH Owerri, featuring prayer, praise and worship, an exhortation, the welcoming ceremony, announcements, and refreshments. The brethren at Imo also visited the wards of FUTHO for hospital evangelism.



CMDA LUTH, in collaboration with Children Medical Outreach, conducted a one-day rural medical outreach at Ijere Akegun village, Pakuro Mowe. CMDA Luth volunteers assisted with consultations, pharmacy services, weight checks, and more. The chapter also participated in the students arm Thanksgiving and Induction service titled “Unwavering” on the 23rd. Ending the year, they responded to a call for missions from the Foundation for Students Missions, conducting a medical outreach at Oluwu Odikan Street, Ikorodu, Lagos.

 For the second outreach, the chapter partnered with Kingdom Outreach International Ministry for rural missions at Apa Badagry. It was a worthy testimony to note that over 100 persons were reached, and a soul was won for the Kingdom of Christ.

The brethren in LUTH, after a busy month, met at the Chapel of Transfiguration to welcome the new House Officers into CMDA Nigeria LUTH Chapter.


CMDA Ile Ife remained steadfast in its weekly prayer meetings as the year approached its end. They convened at the Chapel of Grace for a Carol Service on December 11th, praising God for 2023 and anticipating the New Year. Present at the event was the guest speaker Prof. Peter Olaitan (CMD UniOsun) among other esteemed guests, and the students. The students’ arm’s new executive committee was inaugurated during the event.


CMDA Lautech organized a Christmas cantata, bringing together over 300 doctors and medical students at the Gangway Hall, LTH. The theme of the event was “Immanuel,” with Rev. Niyi Adebayo speaking on the theme God with us. The meeting ended a great blessing to all in attendance, with the evident presence of God in all aspects.


CMDA Osogbo held its annual Christmas carol and cantata themed “God With Us” on December 18th at the Chapel of Hope, UniOsun. It was a special celebration, knowing the reason for the season they came fully prepared to celebrate King Jesus and thank God for His mercies throughout the year.



CMDA Kwara chapter’s doctors’ arm and students’ arm had a Love Feast at the Small Chapel of Christ the Healer to mark the final meeting of the year. The theme was “Prince of Peace,” with Dr. Mrs. Moni Ernest as the speaker. The event held on December 15th.


CMDA Ekiti Ido Doctors chapter, in collaboration with ABUAD Students, conducted a medical outreach at the Special School for the Handicapped in Ido/Osi. Engaging with over 80 children at the orphanage, the doctors provided health talks, a short exhortation, and prayers.



CMDA Sagamu held regular prayer meetings on Wednesdays at the Children’s Auditorium, Reigning Christ Chapel, OOUTH Sagamu.


CMDA Asaba chapter gathered for a get-together and Christmas party with their families at the Grand Hotel Asaba to celebrate the year and the birth of Jesus. During the event, they discussed “Why CMDA”, enjoyed playing board games, and celebrated with a cake-cutting ceremony.


FMCA CMDA brethren accepted an invitation to assist with medical checkups at an outreach organized by Apostolic Faith Students, who have been partnering with CMDA Abeokuta in Ajebo. The chapter also volunteered for Christmas missions in remote villages with TLC (Touching Life At Christmas).



Ado-Ekiti chapter responded to an invitation from Kingdom Wrestlers International Ministries to serve as the medical team for an outreach. On December 2nd, in response to the call they went to the Igoba community, Ado Ekiti for the medical outreach.


LASUTH chapter gathered at the Chapel of St. Luke the Physician to learn as a family from the Logo Exploration on December 6th. They studied the stethoscope from two perspectives and explored its qualities in relation to doctors as instruments in the hands of God.




The Taraba CMDA Nigeria chapter convened for a banquet at the Federal Medical Centre, Jalingo Chapel, gathering for the end-of-year thanksgiving. The event featured a general thanksgiving session, where the chapter collectively expressed gratitude to God for the year. Other sessions included individual testimonies where members shared how God had shaped their lives in different dimensions through CMDA Nigeria and vision casting for the next year. After the banquet held on the 2nd of December, the chapter continued its virtual (Zoom) prayer meetings, concluding the year 2023 in prayers.


CMDA Nasarawa, Keffi chapter held its annual thanksgiving at FMC Keffi Conference Hall on December 7th. Members gathered to express gratitude to God for the entire year. The event also featured a send-forth and welcome meeting. A week later, the chapter reconvened via Google Meet to pray for the Keffi chapter, its members, and the entire CMDA family. For outreach, they collaborated with FCS Keffi for a medical outreach in four centers: Akwanga, Keffi, Karu, and Garaku.


CMDA Abuja F.C.T chapter utilized the festive month for missions, reaching out to different communities through engagements with various ministries. On the 14th, they collaborated with Comfort of Christ Gospel Mission to extend support to widows and children in Karu. The outreach in Karu included health talks for children, medical consultations for widows and their children, distribution of Christmas gifts and food, along with the message of Christ.


Sokoto chapter had its end-of-the-year thanksgiving and Christmas Carol early in the month. They met with their families at Skyland Restaurant, UDUTH Sokoto, and also virtually for brethren in diaspora to express gratitude to the Lord as a chapter and as individuals for the great things He has done for them.

They also met again at Praisefield Chapel FMCB (Federal Medical Centre Bida) daily for three days to collectively fast and pray for the Sachi Outreach. After general and individual prayers and fasting towards the success of the outreach, the Medio-Surgical Outreach at Sachi community, Niger State, saw a massive turnout from members who came to ensure the advancement of the Kingdom of God in the medical, spiritual, and physical lives of the people in the Sachi community.


CMDA Plateau gathered at Dr. Daniyam’s residence, Rayfield, to boast of what the Lord had done for them. Solely gathering for thanksgiving, they sang praises and hymns to worship God for the great and mighty things He has done for them. Special among the songs included “Oh Worship the King,” “Imela (Thank You),” and “Praise to the Lord.” A wonderful time it was for the brethren who worshiped from their hearts. Vibrant in missions, the chapter partnered with Christ Image Assembly for a three-day outreach at Rwang Pam Township Stadium, Jos, from the 14th to the 16th of December. On Christmas day, the team went for Touching Lives at Christmas outreach to Gene Bassa LGA.


The brethren in Kogi ventured into the land of Dekina for a medical outreach at the “Jennifer Etuh Medical Center, Odu, Ogbeyaga, Dekina LGA. The outreach, which started on December 3rd, concluded on the 9th, with all glory given to God for His provision and guidance throughout the outreach.


Kebbi CMDA doctors met for their end-of-the-year meeting at Havila Ice Cream Joint on December 2nd, with the Chapter Chairman CMDA Sokoto, Dr. Susan Adayi, as the meeting’s guest speaker. The meeting was a beautiful time with God and one another.


In wrapping up meetings and activities, CMDA Benue gathered its doctors and students for a joint end-of-year get-together and handover & inauguration of students’ new executives. The joint event took place on the 21st at the Chapel of Christ the Restorer, BSUTH.


CMDA Kaduna Zaria chapter gathered its members and their families at the CMDA Chapel Zaria for its annual end-of-year dinner to give thanks to the Most High God for the success of the year. The event also included a Christmas carol celebration, honoring Jesus as the reason for the season. In December, CMDA Zaria members conducted an online vote casting and elected new leaders for the upcoming year and 2025.


In the first week of December, CMDA Bida doctors gathered online to pray via Zoom. They assembled once again for the last monthly meeting of 2023 at the Praisefield Chapel. Gathering for thanksgiving and praise with their families in gratitude to God for His magnificent mercy and grace, members came well-prepared to share wonderful testimonies, give presentations, and raise their voices in one accord, saying hallelujah to the King of Glory.


Among the host of believers sharing the love of Christ to villages through TLC (Touching Lives at Christmas), CMDA Kaduna also joined the bandwagon. In line with CMDA’s Nigeria pledge to care for the whole man spirit, soul, and body, they decided to use the TLC opportunity to go to the hospital for evangelism this year, sharing the joy of Christmas with patients through the word of Christ and welfare materials.


The Benue chapter partnered with Remnant Christian Network (RCN) for a medical outreach, a pre-conference outreach of the Festival of Glory. The outreach was a two-day event at the RCN Embassy George Akume road Markudi, reaching out to the medical needs of the people through free HIV, Hepatitis B & C, and blood glucose tests. Consultations, drugs, primary, and health services were also provided.

“For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten son,….” – John 3:16

What a gift of love!

“What is man that you are mindful of him, and the son of man that you care for him?

Yet you have made him a little lower than the heavenly beings and crowned him with glory and honor.” –  Psalm 8:4-9

Therefore, count your blessings and give all praise to God


  1. Give unto the LORD the glory due unto His name. Thou art worthy Oh God to receive all glory and honour – 1 Chronicles 16:29, Rev 4:11


  1. Thank you Jesus for accepting to come into this sinful world to die because of me – Rev 5: 12


  1. Declare the Lordship and reign of the Lord Jesus over your life, home and environment/Nigeria at this time. May your sacrifice over my life not be in vain in Jesus name – Rom 12:11, 1 Sam 21:8b, 1 Chron. 16:31


  1. Lord, I receive sharpness of spirit and divine direction and guidance for CMDA members, even as the year ends – Romans 8:14, Psalm 37:23


  1. I speak divine protection into the life of every CMDA member according to your Word Lord – Luke 12:7, Ish 46:4, Psalm 91:3-16


  1. Divine provision shall be our lot in Jesus name – Psalm 34:10


  1. We decree a stay action over destroying angels, kidnapping,  killing and maiming of Nigerians. We cover our children with the blood of Jesus – Psalm 89:18-21, Ish 8:18


  1. We sanctify You only as our fear, deliver this Country from the heathen oh God of heaven and the earth – 1 Chr 16:30, 35


  1. We pray for divine visitations for every of our member at this season, life transforming encounters in Jesus name Amen – Gen 28:12-16; 35:1

10 If there be any, pray that the spirit of the Lord will comfort those who mourn in Zion at this time in Jesus name. Amen – Psalm 34:18, Rev 21:4

Let us give thanks because of the answered prayers  – Eph. 3:20-21


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