Cultural Missions

The most precious commodity in the world is the soul of a man. Any investment not affecting the souls is wasted.

WHAT IS MISSION? It is the realization of a vision. A vision is what you see on the heart of God per time; the urgent thing on the heart of God at a particular point in time.

A cross-cultural mission is carrying the word of God to one tribe/race/culture. A missionary is the one consumed with passion for souls. Anyone reconciled to God is automatically a missionary, to reconcile others to Christ, (1 Cor.5:18…) “And hath given us the ministry of reconciliation”. When your life becomes what people want follow, you have become a missionary II Cor.5:9-20 “Now then we are ambassadors for Christ, “as though God did beseech you by u; we pray you in Christ’s stead ye be reconciled to God. Most of us Christians weigh conveniences based on our educational achievements.


Personnel (Matt 9:37-38) we have workers in church but we do not have labourers. Labourers are meant to do any work. Labourers are men and women whose answer is on the affirmative backed with action.

Finance: There is a financial cost for men to move to mission field

Language:  Men who understand the language of the unreached

Cultural barriers: Our culture may differ from that of the unreached people group.

Literacy and ignorance: Some people have no written language, if a man reads the bible to himself, it makes him grow faster.

Accessibility: Certain roads are seasonal; some places have a variable and harsh weather. Some places have no bridges to cross, no good school for children of missionaries to attend.

Ill Health: No dispensaries, clinic, or health centers. Who attends to the health needs of missionaries especially their maternity?

The hostility of the people: Some people are hostile to the presence of missionaries and attack them by all means. Islam is a religion of hostility.

The Environment:  The environment may be unbearable to the missionaries

Demonic Attack:  The presence of demon to withstand the move of God.

Frustration:  Feeling rejection especially when they come to a city on a visit. They suffer rejection – no letter, no visitations.

George Bemard Shaw said, “Some people see the things as they are and they ask why, some people see what never were and ask “why not”. People who ask the “why not” rather than those who ask the “why” have shaped the history of missions more often. These men and women saw things that others did not see.

Jenkin Brashly states that the future of Christianity is not in the western world, even its present momentum is not.

The cost of preaching the gospel to the utmost part of the world…it takes a missionary to pay it, you can support the work

Emma Oyibo
National Mission Sec