Courtship M/C/S


Courtship is an important aspect that leads to marriage. The foundation for happy (Christian) home is gradually laid down during courtship. Though beautiful, confusion arises as to what should be done, evidenced by the gross appearance of sin and confusion that labels many relationships even in Christendom.

A proper knowledge, aided by microscopy (M) to view, culture (C) and sensitivity (S) to be sure of what to be done during courtship is required and expedient.


Microbes are identified under light or dark contrast microscopy with appropriate staining.

In courtship:

  • A partner is positively identified as a Christian (not just a professing Christian) by his conduct and lifestyle.
  • Love for God is ‘stained’ and ‘viewed under high power’ (because this important for marriage)
  • Habits, personality, likes and dislikes are identified.
  • The façade of sanctimonious attitude in church/fellowship is decolourized and removed and the positive identity of the individual ‘picks up stain’ and is seen.

Note: A deceptive partner may evade identification under ‘microscopy’, but with appropriate ‘smear’, ‘fixation’ and ‘special staining’ (with the help of the Holy Spirit the super vital stain), ‘fastness’ occurs and the individual is seen just as he/she is.


Background: in marriage, there is no perfect match because we come from different families (genera) and are of different ‘species’.

Culture helps to attend to the good, the bad and the ugly identified in microscopy. Nurture and nature of the partner is cultured to grow and the growth therefore evident by the character; the appearance, which determines what ought to be changed, corrected not criticised, praised, encouraged, envied or learnt from.

  • A story by a certain medical revealed how he had to personally train himself in spoken English when his spouse-to-be complain she was embarrassed by the way he spoke. Now after many years of marriage, they are both ministers of God.
  • Inhibit with appropriate ‘culture medium’, bad growth; discourage bad habits attitude.
  • The period of cultures requires understanding and patience, a sufficient amount of time should be allowed for incubation at optimum temperature. 
  • Beware of contaminants! Don’t bother discussing your differences with just anybody. If you must, let it be weigh between you both.
  • In culture, make sure you’re sterile. The wrong growth may be from you!


  • At this stage, identification, modelling, remodelling done under microscopy and culturing must have been completed i.e. no more doubts about your getting married.
  • Sensitivity handles and encourages things that make both of you happy and ensures they are done.
  • Issues like size of family and account of the family are handled and final planning and preparation for a home begins.
  • Areas of disagreement are ironed out and fixed and marriage is ready. Both partners are sensitive to each other’s needs and feelings. Reports are sent out.
  • The Chief Microbiologist (God) receives a copy of the result (invitation)


These stages should be negotiated in every relationship though not exactly following these laid principles. These things are very essentials for a good relationship later in life.

To the glory of God’s name. Amen